7 Summery Shrimp Recipes

Dive into summer with this round up of delicious shrimp recipes. Quick cooking and easy to prepare, shrimp are the perfect summer protein when you’re tight on time, but want something tasty in a flash. Whether you’re looking for salads, rolls, or wraps, we’ve got a plethora of options in this list.

1) Shrimp Teriyaki

This super fast recipe is perfect for when you’re short on ingredients and prep time. Store bought teriyaki sauce is a convenient and delicious way to tie the succulent shrimp, crisp broccoli, and fluffy rice together into a complete meal. 

2) Garlic Lime Shrimp with Watermelon Salsa

Garlic Lime Shrimp

Brighten up mealtime with our delicious sous vide garlic lime shrimp. To keep the shrimp firm and plump, we’ve added baking soda to the marinade, a trick which alters the pH level of the shrimp, helping them retain their shape. Served with a watermelon salsa dressed in sharp lime juice and velvety olive oil, this dish emanates ceviche-style freshness. 

3) Shrimp Summer Rolls

Enjoy succulent, sous vide shrimp in this easy, free-form meal. Store bought Thai chili sauce is a simple way to liven up the summer rolls with a little sweet and a little heat. We fill the rolls with red bell pepper, fresh cucumber, sliced cabbage, and lots of herbs for a dish that’s bursting with flavor. 

4) Southwestern Shrimp Bowl

This southwest shrimp bowl is perfect for an easy weeknight meal that’s tasty and healthy. The southwest seasoning mix gives the shrimp a little kick while the lime, tomatoes, and guacamole lend a fresh zing to your palate. 

5) Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

Crunchy, fresh, and vibrant, these shrimp lettuce cups are easy to make with store-bought teriyaki sauce. First the shrimp is sous vide and then broiled with the teriyaki sauce to caramelize the sugars in the sauce for extra flavor. A mix of herbs adds bright verdancy and cucumber and peanuts add crunch. 

6) Shrimp Rolls

This simple, summery dish is bright, fresh, and easy to prepare. The shrimp are first sous vide to ensure even cooking and then chopped and tossed with a vibrant mixture of lemon juice, chives, mayonnaise, and crunchy celery. We stuff the shrimp mixture into potato buns, which are fluffy, soft, and slightly sweet, but classic hotdog buns also work well. 

7) Tropical Shrimp Salad

This light and fresh salad has punchy bright flavors and a variety of textures with a little something for everyone. Tender shrimp are sous vide and then combined with sweet mango, crunchy cucumber, nutty cashews, leafy greens, and pungent shallot in a simple lime vinaigrette.

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