DIY Wine Bottle Dishsoap Dispenser

Thanks to the rise of dishwashers, the need to hand-wash dishes is now reserved for large pans that don’t fit in the machine, or that one bowl you found in the living room 15 minutes after you started the dishwasher.

A quick search on Amazon reveals many options for store-bought dish soap dispensers. But how about a quick DIY project instead? You can make an elegant, handy dish soap dispenser in about 5 minutes (or slightly longer if you count the amount of time it takes to empty a bottle of your favorite wine!).

  1. Choose a wine or liquor bottle you love that doesn’t have a paper label. I have a Heron Hill Eclipse bottle that I’ve been using for over six years.
  2. Make sure the bottle is empty and rinsed out.
  3. Next, purchase a liquor/olive oil pourer spout, like this or this, and buy a container of concentrated dish soap; I like Dawn Ultra.
  4. Fill the wine bottle halfway with dish soap. Fill it the rest of the way with water.
  5. Lastly, throw on the pourer spout, and gently swish the bottle around to mix the water and soap. Voila! You now have an elegant, easy-to-use dish soap dispenser.

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