For those in mourning, send food not flowers

There are a number of good reasons why flowers are often the first choice as a sympathy gift for the bereaved. Flowers can represent growth and new life, and can be a great comfort those in mourning. However, In some cases, flowers aren’t always the best choice. Those dealing with the loss of a loved one can often become overwhelmed by the sheer number of bouquets and arrangements, and some may find the sight of wilting flowers to be distressing considering the circumstances. Also, in the case of Jewish funerals, flowers are not a common practice.


As an alternative to flowers, an excellent, practical way to show you care is to make or send food to the family. Depending on how well you know the bereaved there are a couple of ways you could go about this:

Gift baskets



If you aren’t very close with the bereaved this is probably your safest choice. A basket of fresh fruit, or a hamper of non-perishable foods is always welcome. There are a number of services that deliver food-based sympathy baskets, Gift Tree and Pittman & Davis are good options for snack and fruit baskets. Alternatively, you could send a wine hamper from Wine Basket.

Prepared food



This is really only an option if you know the bereaved family well. With all the funeral planning and preparations a few pre-made meals that can be easily warmed up are a huge help. If you decide to go this route but aren’t to confident in your cooking skills there are a number of services that will deliver remade meals. Meal Gift and Magic Kitchen both specialise in providing meals for grieving families.

One thing to consider if you’re hoping to provide a someone with food. If possible try and co-ordinate with family and friends to ensure that the bereaved don’t end up with a mountain of casseroles.

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