When my husband and I moved into our house seven years ago, we knew the kitchen was small, and we arrived prepared… with black plastic pegboard. At just under $6 per piece, this pegboard can be hung anywhere you have some extra wall space, without looking like you’re ready to hang up your hammers.

We hung nine pieces of pegboard in a diagonal pattern down one side of the stairwell that leads from our kitchen down to the basement. Easily accessible, but not in the way, the pegboard is now home to 13 pots and pans, including our nearly 12-pound 15″ cast iron skillet.


black plastic pegboard, under $6 per 16″ square from Home Depot

– 1 1/2″ drywall screws and anchors

– drill

– screwdriver

pegboard hooks, assorted


– Arrange the pegboards to maximize your hanging space.

– Screw the pegboards into the wall using the screws and anchors, if needed.

– Arrange your pots and pans on the pegboard and attach with pegboard hooks.

– Use hook locks to keep hooks in place so they don’t fly off the board as you hang and rehang the pans.

– Consider tracing the outline of each pan directly onto the pegboard so you remember which pan goes where. If you are a creative-type, you could make artful labels. Either way, you don’t want to accidentally hang one pan on the wrong hook because then nothing will fit right and you’ll end up rearranging hooks constantly. Not that I’m speaking from experience, of course…

So what are you waiting for? Hang those pans and you will suddenly have space in your cabinets again.

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