How Eating Overnight Oats Changed My Life

I’m sure you’ve seen the Quaker Oats advertisements on Facebook – “Overnight Oats with Apples and Cinnamon” “Maple and Brown Sugar Overnight Oats” “Eat Overnight Oats! They’re Delicious!” I saw those ads and sneered at them, like I do most ads on Facebook. But something deep within my brain started pondering cold oatmeal. And, one hot summer night, after weeks of trying to suppress my cravings, I found myself searching the internet for an overnight oat recipe. This is what happened:

I spent five minutes debating which container I was going to use. Short, wide drinking glass? Round tupperware? No. Wide-mouth 16 oz. Mason jar with plastic screw-cap. Perfect. I then spent five minutes combining old fashioned oats, milk, a pinch of salt, and some chopped bananas. I went to sleep. And when I woke up in the morning, I pulled the bowl out of the fridge, poured just a tiny drizzle of maple syrup over the whole thing, and dug in.

It was bliss. Creamy, chewy, cold, fruity, slightly sweet – everything I wanted on a hot summer morning. And did I mention filling? I wasn’t hungry until lunchtime! It was a summer miracle, brought about thanks, dare I say it, to Facebook.
My husband, of course, refused to try my new cold oats breakfast. It wasn’t his cup of tea, or in this case, bowl of oatmeal. But if you’re as curious as I was, here’s the base recipe.

Recipe: Overnight Oats

1/2 c. old fashioned oats

1/2 c. milk

1 pinch salt


That’s it. Three items. Everything else is up to you! I’ve used chopped strawberries, bananas, frozen raspberries, and frozen blueberries. I’ve added vanilla extract, wheat germ, honey or maple syrup. Toasted almonds or pomegrante seeds are nice for some crunch. And I’ve tried whole milk, 2%, and vanilla rice milk, all of which works well, though I actually prefer the rice milk. I’m sure you could also sub in almond milk or coconut milk or cashew milk or whatever else you enjoy .

The worst thing about this recipe is that you have to remember to put it together the night before. The best thing is that it takes zero time in the morning – just pull it out of the fridge and dig in. Happy breakfasting!

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