How to keep your phone battery from dying in the middle of the day

If there’s one thing pretty much all smartphone owners can agree on, it’s that smartphone batteries are terrible. They never last as long as they should and always seem to die at the worst possible time. There’s nothing more terrifying than seeing the flatlining battery indicator before the day is over. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to keep your phone running for longer.

Adjust the screen brightness


A bright screen can be a real drain on your phones battery. Make use of adaptive brightness, or set the brightness to around 50% to save a little juice.

Use the battery saver mode



Battery Saver mode cuts down on non-essential functions and can stretch out your battery life. While this setting can automatically kick in when your battery gets below 20%, If you really want your phone to last through the day you could try turning it on as soon as possible.

Stick to the essentials



Browsing the web, playing games, or using intensive apps like FaceTime drain your battery like crazy. Stick to the essentials if you need your phone to last longer.

Use a battery saving app



There’s a bit of disagreement about whether battery saver apps actual work, however if you’ve tried everything it couldn’t hurt to give one of these a go. Battery saver apps, for the most part, automate a lot of the suggestions in this list so they are ideal for those who want to preserve their battery with as little effort as possible.

Connect to WiFi when possible



WiFi uses less battery than cellular data so if possible connect to the local wireless networks. However, weak WiFi signals can actually drain your battery faster than data, so if you don’t have any access to reliable WiFi be sure to switch it off.

Turn off GPS



Anyone who uses their phone to navigate will tell you that GPS can be a serious battery drain. GPS isn’t only used by Google Maps, most social media apps utilise this tech in some way or another. Make sure it’s switched off unless you need to find your way.

Turn off vibrate (Unless your phone is on silent)



Believe it or not, even vibration and sound settings can have an effect on battery life. If your battery levels are down to the single digits, try turning off your phones vibration settings. It won’t have a huge impact, but every bit helps!

Don’t let your battery drain entirely



One of the ways to keep your battery lasting longer is to charge it correctly. Avoid leaving your phone plugged in for too long once it has charged, and don’t let it drain entirely before charging. This will extend the batteries overall life.

Keep it cool



The hotter your battery is, the sooner it will die.

Set auto lock to as soon as possible



The longer your screen stays on, the more of that precious battery juice it will consume. To prevent unwanted screen usage, make sure you’ve set your phone to Auto Lock as soon as possible.

Keep notifications and background syncing to essential apps only



While they may seem minor, notifications can affect battery life if there are enough of them. Try limiting your notifications to essential apps only. As an added bonus you’ll have less distractions throughout the day. Similarly background syncing can decimate your battery. Once again, limit background syncing to essential apps only.

Keep your apps up to date



Occasionally apps will be updated to improve their battery usage, so be sure to keep your applications up to date.

Get a battery pack



If you’ve tried everything on this list and your phone is still dying before the end of the day, you might want to invest in a battery case or a portable charger. Cases are the most convenient, although they can add considerably bulk to your phone.

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