How to stick to a “no-phone” policy at bedtime

Smartphones, how did we ever live without them? I ask myself this all the time, most often when I’m using a map app to navigate around an unfamiliar city, or having the entire internet at my fingertips. But as undeniably cool as modern tech can be, it does have it’s downsides. We’ve all become a little too dependent on our phones and could do with disconnecting from social media and notifications now and then.

While ditching your phone in this day and age is a little unrealistic, there are ways to limit your usage a little. Probably the simplest way to set some boundaries with your smartphone is to keep it out of bedroom.



It may seem like a strange proposition, but making your bedroom a smartphone free zone will do wonders for your general well being. You’ll be keeping distracting notifications out of sight and out of mind. Removing those constant email notifications, Facebook likes, and Twitter retweets will allow you to relax and focus more on the important things, like reading or your significant other.

If freeing your mind from distractions wasn’t enough reason, shying away from your phone at night will also help you sleep better. Studies have increasingly shown that the blue light (like the light cast from smartphones) has a negative effect on our melatonin levels and circadian rhythms. This means that looking at your phone before bed can have a negative affect on your sleep patterns. Using apps that filter out blue light can help, but really the best way to keep healthy and sleep better is to banish blue light from the bedroom.



Now, as a self-confessed smartphone addict I realise that letting go of your evening dependance on your iPhone or Android is easier said than done. However, there is one simple way to keep your bedroom free of the smartphone. Just set up a dedicated charging station for your devices and get into the habit of depositing your phone into it every night before you go to sleep. There are any number of products to choose from, but I tend to favour the form over function options when it comes to charging stations. I’m particularly partial to this bamboo charging station from Great Useful Stuff. It’s not only practical, it also looks great.


Bamboo charging station.jpg

You can set up your charging station anywhere. It could go in the kitchen, the living room, so long as it is nowhere near the bedroom, also make sure that there are no charging cables in your bedroom, not even for “emergencies.” Trust me, nothing is that urgent.

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