Personalize your home with photos

One way to make your house feel like a home is to decorate it with personal photos. These days, everyone has a camera in their back pocket, so take a few snapshots and check out these options for turning your .jpgs into something cool.

Basic Print and Frame

Get your photos printed to the size you like, buy a frame, and hang it. It’s as simple as that. Costco does a remarkably good job printing photos — even ginormous poster-sized ones and they’re cheap. Buy ready-made frames at an art supply store… or Ikea. Or, if you really love the prints, splurge and get them professionally framed.

Photo Magnets

You can hang a printed photo on your fridge with a magnet or print the photo right onto a magnet! Many photo printing sites can handle this, but I love Sticky9 print photos directly from Facebook or Instagram, or upload ones from your computer. The Sticky9 magnets are cute and something just a little different.

Print on Metal, Wood, Acrylic or Glass

A lot of online photo places now offer to print your photos on all sorts of materials, including wood, acrylic and metal. While I haven’t done any of that (the metal looks particularly intruguing, though…), I have gotten photos printed on glass. I used the website Fracture with great success.

Coffee Mugs

I know who needs another coffee mug? But out of all of the things you can print a photo on these days, I contend that mugs are one of the higher quality items you can purchase; my mother gifted me a photo mug with a picture of my daughter on it, and five years later, it is still one of my favorite mugs. 

shutterstock_78657613.jpgPhoto Books

I make it a point to print one photo book a year, around the time my kids have their birthdays. I give a copy to all the grandparents; grandparents, I’ve found, really appreciate hard copies of photos. But one photo book at year is all I have time to create, and even that is pushing it. There are websites and apps that are now trying to streamline the process of creating photo books. Chatbooks, for example, takes your Facebook, Instagram or Favorited photos and automatically compiles, prints, and mails you photo books on a regular basis.

With so many ways to get your digital photos off your devices and into your hands or onto your walls, it’s worth a few minutes checking out your options and giving something new a try.

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