Quick + clean = easy spring cleaning with maximum WOW factor

Ah, spring! A time when the birds start chirping, the leaves start growing, and we all get the itch to start cleaning! Right? Well, maybe not. If the cleaning bug doesn’t bite you, here are a few things you can do with minimal effort for maximum cleaning reward.


This can be as easy as choosing one item to remove from your kitchen countertop. We have a lot of small appliances, water bottles, tupperware, and boxes of tea bags on our counter that accumulated so slowly we didn’t even notice. Take a survey of your counter — anything you can put away in a cabinet or drawer? You’ll be amazed at how open and clean everything feels with this one simple act. If you really get into it, you can quickly declutter your bathroom counter too. Throw away those extra toothbrushes, stick the floss back in the drawer, and put the Lysol wipes under the counter. Look at all that space you now have!


Scrub Your Walls

No, I don’t mean scrub all your walls. That would take forever. Instead, buy a Mr. Clean magic eraser and walk around your house for 15 minutes. Look for marks on the walls, cabinet doors, or trim, and see what you can scrub off. I recently wiped down the walls in my bathroom and it almost looked like I had repainted. I’m tackling the white risers on my stairs next!


Clean Out Your Fridge

Your fridge can really accumulate junk. Expired bottles, little drips of this and that, one little shriveled baby carrot in the back of the crisper drawer it all leads to nastiness in the fridge that, if you’re like me, you no longer notice when you open the door. But the next time your mother visits, she will notice it all. So take five minutes and do a survey of the ketchup, salad dressing, and sauce bottles. Throw out any that have expired, or that you never liked in the first place so will never use again. Next, take a damp cloth and wipe down the drips you can easily see. If you’re feeling frisky, take everything out of the fridge and do a deep clean of all the shelves and drawers. That will take longer, but might be what your fridge needs for a fresh start.


Sweep/Vacuum Your Garage/Basement

Our garage accumulated piles of dead leaves, dirt, and a few spider webs over the course of the winter. Not only does it look dirty, I’m constantly tracking stray leaves into the house even though autumn was months ago. Take a broom (or shop vac if you have one) and do a quick sweep of all the corners. It won’t take long, and the visual effect of having a clean floor will make you feel like spring has indeed sprung. 

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