Rethinking (and re-purposing) canning jars

Canning jars have been around since 1858, when John Mason invented the first Mason jar. Originally developed to better preserve food, lately the concept of the Mason jar has undergone a renaissance. Still used for canning, these glass jars can now be found throughout your home, holding flour and spices in the kitchen, cotton balls in the bathroom, lights in your garden and, of course, actual canned food. Here are some companies who are helping transform the canning jar into something a little less ordinary.



Based in Somerville, Massachusetts, Cuppow manufactures recycled plastic drinking lids so your canning jars can become your favorite travel mugs. The lids are reusable, dishwasher safe, and BPA-free. They come in a huge range of colors so you can accessorize and hydrate at the same time!


reCap sells lids with pour spouts to change your canning jars into snack containers or bottles for salad dressing. Or, add canning jars to your cleaning ensemble with spray caps and soap dispenser pumps. For your kids, purchase a top with a handle to create the ideal jar for catching lightning bugs on hot summer nights. The tops are made with breathing holes for whatever you catch, and they glow in the dark! 

Modern Sprout/Uncommon Goods

Modern Sprout

Turn your canning jars into indoor planters. Your flowers will grow beautifully atop your jars with a little bit of water, sunlight and love. It works for herbs too! Plant just one jar, or plant more than one to create a whole indoor garden.

W&P Designs/The Mason Shaker

W&P Designs

Love cocktails? Turn your mason jars into cocktail shakers with W&P’s Mason Shaker barware. A stainless steel shaker top lets you use any canning jar to create your favorite cocktails. Throw in the Mason Tap and you’ve got yourself a bar set. 


Other Accessories

Search Amazon or Etsy for a host of other mason jar accessories that can change your canning jars into toothbrush holders, piggy banks, solar-powered lanterns, salt and pepper shakers, and more. 

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