Salad Spinners: Not Just for Salads Anymore!

Salad spinners, aside from drying lettuce what are they good for? Rather a lot as it turns out! Yes, it seems that the salad spinner has gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years. Far from being an unnecessary luxury that takes up cupboard space, salad spinners are actually pretty versatile. These whirling dervishes have a number of uses beyond basic salad agitation. Here are ten of our favourites:

1. Draining beans


Draining beans can be a major chore, but salad spinner makes it much easier. Just empty the can into the basket give it a rinse and spin. Before you know it you’ll have rinsed and dried beans ready for chilli.

2. Seeding canned tomatoes



Here’s a clever way to get seeds out of tinned tomatoes. Empty a can into the spinner, break them up with you fingers and give them a whirl.

3. Proofing bread



This one is pretty simple. Just cover the bread dough with the bottom bowl of the spinner. If your spinner has a clear bowl you can even keep an eye on the dough without uncovering it.

4. Draining pasta



A salad spinner is perfect for getting stubborn water out of penne and macaroni pasta.

5. Washing and drying herbs and spices



In case it wasn’t already clear, salad spinners aren’t just for salads! Use your spinner to wash and dry fresh herbs and spices.

6. Storing fruit salad



There are some—myself included—who think that fruit salad always tastes better the next day. You can use a salad spinner to store fruit salad in the fridge. The basket allows the excess liquid to drain and keeps the fruit fresh for longer.

7. Defrosting and drying frozen shrimp



I’ve forgotten the number of times I’ve forgotten to take food out the freezer to defrost in time for dinner. A salad spinner is a perfect tool for defrosting delicate foods like shrimp without blasting them in the microwave. Just throw the shrimp in the spinner and fill it with cold water. Best of all, once the shrimps have defrosted you can then use the spinner to dry them.

8. Arts and crafts



Here’s a great one to do with the kids. If you have an unwanted spinner lying around you can use it make some spin art.

9. Removing water from bathing suits



Drying used swimsuits can be a pain, but a salad spinner makes it a little easier. Just throw the suits into the spinner and go nuts. You’ll probably not want to use the spinner to dry salad later though…

10. Washing your delicates



Similarly, this is only an option for those who don’t plan on using their spinner for food preparation. A salad spinner can be used as a makeshift washer. Just put your delicate clothing in the spinner with some water and detergent and turn it gently.

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