The only spatula (turner) you need in your kitchen

I have a container on my counter dedicated to holding all my cooking utensils. Serving spoons, wooden mixing spoons, rubber scrapers, tongs, ladels, whisks: you name it, I’ve probably got it somewhere in the pile. And if that wasn’t enough, I have a whole other drawer dedicated to holding the utensils that don’t fit in the container. Honestly, that’s way too many utensils for cooking.

In that pile of cooking utensils, I have at least 5 spatulas (“turners”), maybe more. One plastic, two silicone, one super thin metal one. But in the past few years, I have narrowed down my turner use to just one, and I’d be lost without it. It’s a Fish Turner aka Slotted Spatula. You can purchase the one I own on Amazon right now. I’ve had this spatula for seven years, and, if anything, it works better today than the day I bought it.


Fish Turner, aka Slotted Spatula

This is my go-to spatula for everything. Really, everything. It lifts cookies off baking sheets, flips burgers while letting the grease drain away, and turns pancakes with ease. Its sharp edge can sneak under even the most fragile food items (like fish), but it is sturdy enough that it can also scrape up any fond on the bottom of your pan. It is large enough to lift heavy hamburger patties, but isn’t unwieldy and can maneuver within all my pan sizes without a problem.

What about teflon?

The only thing I don’t use my slotted spatula for is when I’m cooking in a non-stick pan. Metal and teflon do not play well together. If you do substantial cooking with teflon pans, you’ll want a back-up wooden, plastic or silicone turner. There are highly rated silicone or plastic spatulas that won’t scratch up your cookware. In my house, however, we cook almost exclusively in cast-iron and ceramic pans, so metal turners don’t cause a problem.

So what are you waiting for? It’s a great day to reorganize your utensil drawer and get rid of all the turners you’ll never have to use again!

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