Three mayonnaise miracles you’ve (probably) never tried

Love it or hate it, mayonnaise is a remarkably versatile kitchen staple. Of course everyone knows that mayo is a welcome addition to various sandwiches, salads, and dipping sauces. However there are a couple of incredible uses for this remarkable condiment that you may no be aware of. With that in mind here are three crazy ways to use mayonnaise in the kitchen.

Grilled cheese

This is going to sound like sacrilege to some, but what if I told you that butter doesn’t belong anywhere near your grilled cheese sandwich? Next time you’re putting together a good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich try coating the exposed bread with mayo instead of butter.


So what is it about mayonnaise that makes it preferable to butter? Well it’s all down to two things: Smoking points and taste. Most mayonnaise is made with soy oil or olive oil which means it has a much higher smoking point than regular old butter. This means you can cook your grilled cheese for longer and get that delightfully crispy exterior without smoking out your entire house.

In addition to not turning your kitchen into a makeshift smoker, using mayo adds a wonderfully tangy flavour to the sandwich that perfectly compliments the creamy cheese inside.

Thicken sauces

Next time your find yourself faced with an overly watery pan sauce don’t automatically reach for the flour or butter, instead try some mayonnaise. Mayonnaise can be a perfect compliment to certain sauces thanks to its inherent acidity. It also won’t result in the typical blandness that adding flour to a sauce causes.


Mayonnaise works best when used with wine based sauces and sauces that go well with fish and shellfish.

Bake batter mix

Ok this is going to sound weird, but bear with me here, when making a cake batter, mayonnaise is an excellent substitute for eggs and butter. As everyone knows, mayonnaise is packed full of eggs and oil which are coincidentally, two of the crucial ingredients in any cake.


Next time your making a cake batter try adding a cup of mayo instead of eggs and oil. Not only will the resulting cake be moister and more delicious as a result. Best of all? It won’t taste like mayonnaise!

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C. Hanson
C. Hanson
3 years ago

About 10 years ago we were invited for a simple dinner, while they made Mac&Cheese they dared to use Mayo?! What for Mac& Cheese? Was pretty dang tasty..added richness