Why breadboxes are kind of cool

Breadboxes, what are they good for? Well, rather a lot as it turns out. I must confess I always assumed that bread boxes were one of those kitchen items best left in past. I’m happy to report however that I have seen the error in my ways. I’ve since discovered that not only are breadboxes a perfect way to keep bread fresh, but they can also add a lovely bit of flair to the kitchen.

They keep bread fresh… obviously

It turns out that breadboxes actually do the thing they are designed to do extremely well. Who’d have thought it? Bread left exposed to air gets stale, while bread left in a moist environment gets mouldy. Unsurprisingly, a well sealed breadbox prevents bread from being exposed to excess air and moisture. As an added bonus, a well made breadbox will keep away pests and bugs.

They can look awesome


If I’m being honest, the real appeal breadboxes hold for me is how they look. In recent years there was been renewed interest in these kitchen essentials from designers. As a result their are now a number of beautifully boxes designed to compliment a variety of kitchen decors.



In the past pretty much all breadboxes would be made from wood. You can still find vintage wooden boxes at antique fairs and stores if you’re determined to go old school. If your tastes are a little more modern, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Modern breadboxes come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Wood works best in traditional and rustic settings, while stainless steel and plastic can compliment a modern sleek kitchen.

They don’t just store bread



Ok, so suppose you just don’t eat a lot of bread, or maybe you prefer to keep your bread in the freezer. Even if you don’t need one to store bread, a breadbox is still a pretty useful item to have around.

A good looking breadbox can double up as spice storage, a snack station, or a storage spot for tea. The options are endless!

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