Why French press coffee is overrated

Ok, maybe “overrated” is a bit strong, but the idea that French press is the best way to enjoy coffee has gone unchallenged for far too long. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a punchy cup of French press as much as the next person, but when I want to enjoy the subtle flavour single origin coffee beans have to offer I find it seriously lacking.

The thing about French press…

It’s worth stating that French press coffee is popular for a reason. Coffee brewed in a press is strong, robust, and — depending on how long you let it seep — packed with caffeine. It’s also best suited to dark roasts as it really brings out the dark smokey flavour of the beans. With it’s emphasis on strength and body, French press coffee is loud and proud.


The benefits of French press are pretty obvious, but what if, like me, you find the silty oily texture of coffee brewed in this way off putting? Because, the grounds are left to soak in the water French press coffee often ends up having a grainy and greasy mouth feel. Furthermore, cleaning the grounds out of a French press is arguably one of the least enjoyable chores around. Finally, recent studies have shown that due to the higher oil content, French press coffee can have a negative effect on cholesterol.

An alternative brewing method

So, lets presume you’re getting a little tired of the overly heavy and grimy texture of French press java. What’s the alternative? The answer is simple: pour-over coffee.


Similar to the process utilised by common filter coffee machines, pour-over involves straining hot water through a filter containing ground coffee. Unlike French press coffee with tends to be gritty and heavy, pour-over coffee is bright, clean, and light. The added benefit of pour-over coffee is that the process allows for the subtle flavours of the coffee to come through. It’s also way easier to clean, just remove the filter and chuck it.


Next time you’re hankering for a cup of Joe give pour-over a try. You wont be disappointed.

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