All About Buttery Brioche

Brioche is a French bread that is rich with the addition of eggs and butter. Found in French patisseries and bakeries all over the world, this delicious bread has many varieties, styles, and types.

History of Brioche 

Brioche has existed for hundreds of years. The first time the word was defined was in the early 17th century, but the first record of the word came hundreds of years earlier in 1404. The early definition described brioche as a spiced bun or roll.

The word brioche is Norman and is derived from the word “broyer”, which means to work (the dough). 

How is Brioche Made?

Brioche is made in the same way as traditional bread, but is richer due to the addition of butter, eggs, and extra liquid such as milk or cream. When fully baked, brioche has a sunny yellow interior, a light crumb, and a golden brown exterior. Brioche is tender and fluffy in texture. Some varieties of brioche may be made with dried fruits or nuts added to the dough. 

Image Credit: Olivier Dubois from Pixabay 

Varieties of Brioche

Although French in origin, there are now many types of brioche all over the world. Brioche can be used to make rolls and cakes in all manner of shapes and sizes.  In the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium, cougnou is a type of brioche baked during Christmastime that is baked into the shape of baby Jesus. In the gulf coast of America, King Cake is a twisted brioche typically served during Mardi Gras and topped with icing and/or sugar. Brioche can be filled with savory or sweet ingredients.

Cooking with Brioche

We love a classic brioche bun at dinner with salted butter or at breakfast slathered with raspberry jam. Brioche is also a phenomenal ingredient in a variety of recipes. Our Blueberry Maple Breakfast Strata is made by soaking cubes of brioche with a delicious mixture of eggs, blueberries, maple syrup, and vanilla extract and baking until perfectly tender. We finish the strata with a crunchy topping of brown sugar.

Looking to go savory? Our Cheesy Egg and Bacon Breakfast Bake is just the ticket. Smoky bacon, creamy cheese, rich brioche, and custardy eggs make this savory strata a decadent addition to your next breakfast or brunch menu. Broiling the strata at the end of cooking gives a crunchy crisp finish that is the perfect contrast to the fluffy, soft filling. Serve with hot sauce for a knockout dish that everyone will enjoy. 

Feature Image: magdus from Pixabay 

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