Global Cheese Domination: Ever Versatile Comte

It’s a total cheese takeover! Comte has waged a global assault on the cheese world, winning over the hearts and palates of people all over. Comte has gained dominance over cheese boards and recipes alike, and we couldn’t be happier about it! 

What is Comte? 

Comte is a semi-hard to hard raw cow’s milk cheese. Depending on the time of year, its coloring can range from yellow (found in the Spring/Summer) to pale white (in the Fall/Winter). Comte has a nutty aroma with a balanced fruity sweet and salty flavor. When it comes to comte, all of its coveted attributes (flavor, coloring, texture, and popularity) are a direct result of where the cheese is produced. 

Comte comes from the Jura Massif region of eastern France, a mountainous region bordering Switzerland. Nearly 40,000 tonnes of comte is produced in this region annually and, given that it is an AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlee) protected ingredient, all of your comte (in order for it to be called comte), comes from here. These happy Jura Massif cows graze on mountain grasses and wildflowers, imparting aroma, flavor, and color. The comte wheels are aged in specific caves that are desired for their microflora (the safe bacteria needed to make cheese), deepening the flavors as the cheese ages. 

Image Credit: Flickr user amandabhslater ( CC BY-SA 2.0 )

Cooking with Comte 

Comte is special to the cooking world, not only because of the flavor, but, in spite of it’s firm appearance, comte is a remarkably melty cheese. Comte can be used in fondue and stuffed into sandwiches for a truly epic grilled cheese. When added to creamy sauces, comte makes an incredible impact, take this macaroni and cheese for example. Comte is also a fabulous substitute for swiss cheese or gruyere. Explore some of these cheesy recipe favorites for your comte swap. 

Ham and Swiss Strata 

Tomato Gratin 

Sourcing Comte 

This rise in comte’s popularity makes this cheese an easily sourced ingredient. Most grocers, or gourmet grocers, will carry comte in their cheese sections. All specialty cheese shops will carry comte and probably many varieties of.

Feature Image: Flickr user artizone ( CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 )

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