Ingredients We’re Loving: Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a small plant grown in semi-arid regions of the world with multiple culinary uses. The leaves, seeds, and sprouts can all be consumed. The leaves are small, flat, and can be eaten cooked or raw. Fenugreek seeds are small, pale brown, with a shrunken appearance. Fenugreek has a slightly sweet, nutty taste akin to maple syrup with a subtle bitter edge not unlike burnt sugar. Many Indian dishes call for fenugreek (known as methi) leaves or fenugreek seeds, which are often incorporated alongside a myriad of other spices, adding a hint of sweetness to the finished dish. In Indian cuisine, ground fenugreek seeds may be found in some garam masalas and fenugreek leaves are called for in soups and stews such as aloo methi, methi daal, or methi paneer. Fenugreek is not only consumed in India, however; Iranian, Egyptian, Georgian, and Turkish cuisine all incorporate fenugreek seeds or leaves into traditional dishes. Fenugreek seeds can be purchased online, in Indian grocery stores, or in some specialty shops. Stored in an airtight container fenugreek seeds will last up to a year, but consuming them within 6 months will ensure the freshest taste. 

Feature image: Ajale from Pixabay

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