That’s right, ladies, this post is just for you. It’s about making that special, recurring, monthly time of our lives just a little bit easier. It’s about the booming market of mail-order tampons (and pads), and why you should sign up for a service today.

Have you heard about mail-order tampons? I hadn’t, until a couple years ago when a friend told me about Lola, a start-up mail-order tampon business whose goal was to provide all-organic, all-cotton tampons, delivered a month at a time. While I definitely didn’t need another website login and monthly shipment to track, I figured I’d give it a shot. Anything to make my period less of a hassle. After just a month, I was a convert and I now evangelize the service to all my female friends. Here’s why.

About the Service

Every month, Lola ships me a box of tampons — $10 for one box of 18 tampons, $9/box for two or more boxes. I choose the assortment of tampons I want in each box. I can get 1 light and 17 regular, or 5 light, 7 regular, 4 heavy, and 2 super heavy, or any other assortment I want. I can choose tampons with or without applicators, or add a box of pads or liners. A few days before my box ships, I receive a nice reminder email asking if I want to change anything (skip the month, change the assortment, or add a product or two). I can pop online and edit as necessary or leave it as-is. The boxes arrive in nondescript packaging. Everything about the tampons from the applicator packaging to the tampon itself is high-quality and easy to use.


Why I Love It

I love:

  • using an all-cotton tampon.
  • being able to choose exactly the types of tampons I need each month, instead of having to buy a box of each and then having a ton of one kind leftover.
  • not having to store tampons in my bathroom from month to month. My tampons arrive when I need them, I use them up, and the next shipment arrives just before I need them again.

Other Companies

Surprisingly (to me, at least), there are quite a few mail-order tampon companies out there. Le Parcel sends you tampons and chocolate each month. Kali ships boxes bi-monthly, and you can choose to receive just tampons or a whole package with an added luxury item. Cora ships every three months. Hello Flo offers news, classes, and kits that come with undies, pads, tampons, menstrual cups and more.

It takes just a few minutes to sign up for one of these services. If you haven’t given mail-order a try, I highly recommend it. Find the service that looks right for you and give it whirl. It will take one thing off your shopping list and ease your monthly flow.

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