Got a mess? I love my vacuum and you can too.

Maybe you wouldn’t call it a vacuum. Maybe to you it’s a glorified dustbuster. But it is decidedly NOT a dustbuster. I had one of those years ago and never used it. This is a hand-held, easy-to-use, fabulous vacuum cleaner, and it has made my life so much cleaner.

Two years ago, my husband bought me this: a Black and Decker Lithium Flex Vacuum

I turned my nose up at the gift, even after he showed me how easy it was to turn on and off, empty the dust bin, put it back on its charger. I didn’t think I needed it and I was sure it wasn’t powerful enough to do what I wanted. But now, hundreds of spills later (I have two kids and no dog), I can admit that I was dead wrong. I can’t imagine my life without this saves-my-life-and-my-floor-every-day cleaning tool.

The Lithium Flex Vac is roughly 3 pounds – light enough that even my 4 year old can carry it around without too much trouble. It’s easy to turn on and off, and incredibly easy to empty – just flip open the cap, turn it over, and the accumulated dirt will fall out into the trash can. Admittedly, it is a bit loud, but that’s pretty much every vacuum cleaner I’ve ever owned, so in my mind it comes with the territory.

I’ve never had a situation in which the vacuum has run out of battery in the middle of a job. I keep it plugged in on its charger in a nook off the kitchen, but it would fit easily on the floor of a pantry or tucked away in a bathroom. The accessories are thoughtful — a floor head and stick attachment for regular vacuum jobs, a pet hair attachment (which I have not tested, but the online reviews are favorable), and a crevice tool.

This vacuum may not be the only vacuum you own we own three, a shop vac, a regular vacuum, and this one. But this is the one I use almost every day. It makes vacuuming a quick and easy experience, with nothing bulky or heavy to lug around. It’s great for small jobs, like spilled dry cereal or the half a jar of pellet fish food I dealt with this morning; and is also great for larger jobs, like vacuuming up a hallway of muddy footprints. Just make sure not to use it on wet spills – it’s hard to dry out the vacuum and getting water inside can create rust where you don’t want it.

So if you’re in the market for a new vacuum, or even if you aren’t, take a look at the Black and Decker Lithium Flex Vac. You might find that you love it too.

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