Protein Plus Pairing Guide

Protein Plus Pairing Guide

This guide will help you prepare a delicious meal using your sous vide ready proteins and sauces. We’ll also recommend vegetables and starches to pair with your proteins and chef-crafted sauces to make a complete meal.

See the chart below for our recommended cook times and temperatures for your proteins. You can also find more information about cooking using the sous vide method on our blog. When using the sous vide mode on your Suvie we always recommend using the bottom zone. Since sous vide uses precise temperature control, it is important to keep it in the bottom zone, so that rising heat does not impact the temperature of the water.

Please note we have provided minimum cook times for these proteins. One of the many benefits of sous vide is that cooking for longer times (2-3 hours) can often yield even more tender results (we do not recommend this for seafood, however). For information on roasting your proteins, see chart at the bottom of the page.

Soft Vide Protein Instructions:

1) Place protein, still in the vacuum packaging, in a Suvie pan and cover with water.

2) Insert the pan with protein in the bottom cooking zone.

3) Follow the recommended cooking time and temperature chart below. If cooking from frozen, be sure to select “Yes” when asked if cooking from frozen.

ProteinTemperatureMinimum TimeBroil vs Sear
Salmon130˚F30 minBroil 5 minutes
Shrimp135˚F30 minBroil 5 minutes
Steak135˚F30 minSear 1 minute
Pork Chops145˚F45 minSear 1 minute
Chicken Breast155˚F45 minBroil 7 minutes
Meatballs160˚F30 minBroil 7 minutes
Meatloaf160˚F45 minBroil 7 minutes
Sausage160˚F30 minBroil 7 minutes

4) After the cook is complete remove the protein from packaging and pat dry thoroughly. 

5) Broil your protein in your Suvie or sear on the stovetop to finish. Some sauces like teriyaki and barbecue are best used to glaze proteins before broiling. When searing in a pan use 1 tsp vegetable oil and heat over high heat until shimmering. Then sear for 30 seconds per side.

Sauce Instructions 

Heating sauces in Suvie is easy to do when scheduling your meal. Set the top zone to Reheat Mode for 15 minutes. This will heat your sauce so it’s hot when your protein is ready. You do not need to add water to the pan, and you can keep each sauce in its packaging. Some sauces can also be added directly to proteins before they are broiled or seared for extra flavor and browning. We have divided these sauces into two groups: warming by reheating or warming by broiling. 

Sauces to heat in your Suvie: 

  • Thai Coconut Sauce
  • Tomatillo Sauce
  • Lemon Herb
  • Marinara
  • Pesto
  • Vodka

Glaze your proteins with these sauces before broiling: 

  • Teriyaki
  • BBQ
  • Garlic Herb Butter
  • Gochujang

Vegetable Suggestions (not included in your order)

The best way to cook vegetables in your Suvie is to use the Broil or Roast Modes. Toss 10-12 oz (about 2 cups) vegetables with 1 tbsp olive oil and season to taste with salt and pepper. Place in a Suvie pan and Roast or Broil. Use the chart below as a guide to help you choose which vegetables to use. 

VegetableCook MethodTime
AsparagusBroil15 min
Broccoli, floretsBroil15 min
Brussels Sprouts, halvedBroil20 min
Cauliflower, floretsBroil20 min
Green BeansRoast at 350˚F20 min
Snow PeasRoast at 350˚F15 min
Zucchini & Summer Squash, slicedRoast at 400˚F25 min

Starch Suggestions (not included in your order) 

Our delicious chef-selected sauces taste great with an array of grains, pastas, and vegetables. Here are our suggested pairings. We recommend making your rice, pasta, and grains on the stovetop. You can roast potatoes in the Suvie following this recipe or you can simply boil baby potatoes until fork tender. 

Marinara SaucePasta
Vodka SaucePasta
Pesto SaucePasta
Lemon Herb SaucePasta
Thai Coconut Curry SauceJasmine Rice
Teriyaki SauceShort Grain White Rice
BBQ SauceBaby Potatoes
Gochujang SauceShort Grain White Rice
Thai Chili SauceJasmine Rice
Tomatillo SauceLong Grain White Rice
Cilantro Lime SauceBaby Potatoes
Garlic Herb ButterBaby Potatoes

Protein Roasting Cook Times (From Frozen)

1) Place the roasting rack in a Suvie pan, remove protein from packaging and place on the rack.

2) Season with olive oil, salt and pepper.

3) Follow the recommended cooking time and temperature chart below. Be sure to select Yes From Frozen when confirming your settings.

ProteinTemperature2 servings4 servings
Salmon325˚F13 min23 min
Shrimp250˚F5 min10 min
Chicken Breast360˚F27 min37 min
Meatballs375˚F15 min25 min
Sausage350˚F15 min25 min

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