The secret to perfectly scrambled eggs

If you’ve ever successfully cooked scrambled eggs, you’re already aware that as far as cooking challenges go, they’re about on par with boiling water or cooking rice. However, as simple as scrambled eggs are to make, they can still be improved upon with a little extra know how. Now, I would never consider myself an expert on the subject. But, I have cooked more scrambled eggs than I can count and have found that there is one sure-fire way to make them perfectly every time. Best of all? This method actually requires less work than most recipes. It also uses fewer ingredients than traditional scrambled eggs!


So what is the secret to making perfect scrambled eggs? It’s actually pretty simple: Stop trying so hard. This scrambled egg recipe skips the usual milk or cream additions. Instead, it allows the flavor of the eggs themselves to take center stage. It also requires far less pre-mixing of the eggs. Fair warning: If you’re a fan of runny, French-style scrambled eggs, this recipe is definitely not for you. However, if like me you’re a fan of soft scrambled eggs that have a little more texture, read on!

You’ll need

  • 1 nonstick frying pan or saucepan
  • 1 glass mixing bowl
  • 1 spatula
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 knob of butter
  • salt and pepper to taste


Do not premix the eggs until you’re ready to put them in the pan.

Heat up the pan to a medium-high heat.



Add a large knob of butter and wait for it to melt.

Crack the eggs into the glass mixing bowl. Check to make sure that no egg shell shards have made their way into the bowl before proceeding.



Decision time: to beat or not to beat. Personally, I prefer my eggs to have a mixture of yellow and white so I do not beat the eggs before putting them in a pan. If you would prefer to beat them make sure to not overdo it. Ideally you want to still see threads of the egg white in the mix before adding the mixture to the frying pan.

Add a little salt and pepper to the eggs and pour them into the pan.

Resist the temptation to start stirring the eggs immediately. Instead, allow them to sit in the heat for a few seconds until they start to solidify.



Start folding the eggs, being careful not to over-mix them.

Once the eggs have reached their desired consistency, remove them from the pan immediately.


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