Three cheap cuts of lamb you need to try

Lamb is my favourite meat by a pretty wide margin. Whether it’s grilled, roasted, braised, or fried, lamb pretty much always tastes delicious to me. Unfortunately, despite my love of lamb, its high price tag means that I eat it far less than I would like.

Thanks to a lack of demand, lamb is particularly pricey in the United States, a fact that puts off most potential buyers. However, there’s no reason why the more frugal amongst us shouldn’t get to enjoy this most flavourful and tender of meats. Here’s three cuts of lamb that won’t blow your shopping budget.

One thing to keep in mind, you’re unlikely to find these cuts of lamb at the grocery store. Fortunately, your local butcher will most likely have them in stock, although you might have to request them in advance.


Despite its name, the shoulder is actually taken from the lower front of the lamb, and is an excellent alternative to the more expensive leg. The shoulder is wonderfully tender and beautifully marbled making it an extremely versatile cut of meat.

Shoulder chops when fried or grilled are a perfect alternative to more expensive rib chops. Alternatively, the shoulder can be roasted or braised for a flavourful and hearty meal. For the more experimental amongst us, try using the shoulder to make some pulled lamb. The marbled shoulder is the perfect cut for a wonderfully meaty alternative to pulled pork.



For fans of stews and braised meats, lamb neck is an obvious choice. Lamb neck is extremely rich, highly marbled, and is perfectly tender when cooked correctly. Unsurprisingly, neck is best when cooked slow over a low heat. Try it in stews and curries or braised.

Sirloin roast


Nothing beats a good lamb roast, but if you’re on a budget or only cooking for two a whole roast can seem pretty excessive. Fortunately, sirloin roast offers all the benefits of a leg of lamb without the downsides. This petite cut is taken from the hind leg and is a fraction of the cost of a traditional lamb roast. Thanks to its small size sirloin roast is quick to cook and can easily feed a family of two.

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