Understanding Suvie Cooking Times

How can I find out how long each Suvie Meal takes to cook?

Up-to-date cooking times are available for each recipe on the meal planner (app.suvie.com). Simply click “Detail” on a recipe to view how long it will take to cook. Note, this cooking time may be slightly different from the one displayed on your Suvie due to the temperature of the water you fill the reservoir with. This cooking time only applies when you select “Cook Now”. Scheduled cooks will finish at the desired time regardless of the heat up time. 

How does Suvie determine time-to-cook?

Here at Suvie, we’re all about making your cooking experience easy and delicious. Your Suvie knows the precise cooking times required to have each component of every meal cooked perfectly and finished at the same time! Our cooking algorithm determines how long it will take for Suvie to heat up the water you add to the reservoir and how long each meal component needs to cook. Using different temperature water every time you fill-up the reservoir will give you slightly different heat up and cook times with your Suvie even if you’re cooking the same meal. We’re constantly updating our technology to ensure we provide you with the best cooking experience available. Please check back with app.suvie.com to ensure you have the most up-to-date cook times.


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