Wake up for work in the morning (without hating everything)

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up every morning without feeling exhausted? Here are some tricks to do just that.

The Day Before:

1. It’s after 3pm. Step away from the coffee.

Easier said than done. But it really helps, so don’t consume caffein in the afternoon or evening.


2. Sleep debt is a thing… sort of.


If you need to make up sleep debt, take a nap. Otherwise, stay awake throughout the day. If you’re unusually tired, try exercising or going outside in the sun.


3. Schedule some time to relax before bed.


Don’t work yourself to the bone until five minutes before you go to bed. You’ll be stressed and have a hard time falling asleep. Try to schedule evening commitments so that you have time to wind down.


Going to Bed:

1. Beds are for sleeping. 


Use your bed only for sleeping. Make sure your brain associates that place with rest. That’s right, no Netflix. Maybe a book. Maybe.


2. Nighttime routines aren’t just for kids.

shutterstock_533249041 (1).jpg

Make a relaxing routine that tells your body it’s time for sleep. A cup of tea. A hot shower. Reading a good book. Anything that gets you ready for bed.


3. Don’t force it.


If you can’t sleep, don’t toss and turn. Get up and do something in low light until you’re tired.


In the Morning:

1. Set alarms with different sounds.


If you’re a snoozer, set multiple alarms and make the last one a different ringtone so you know it’s really time to get up.


2. The most important meal… or at least one of them.


Put down that box of sugary cereal and instead grab some nuts, yogurt and fruit. Make sure you get plenty of protein so you’re not just on a sugar high.


3. Exercise. It’ll actually make you less tired.


Get those endorphins pumping through your body with twenty minutes of morning exercise. You’ll feel better afterward, we promise. Oh, and it’s good for you. Win-win.


4. Start positive.


Spend the first three minutes you’re awake thinking of three things you’re looking forward to during the day. It feels corny, but it’ll actually make you a little less cranky. (Your coworkers will thank you.)

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