How to pick the right coffee grinder

April 27, 2019

While pre-ground coffee is convenient, nothing beats the flavor of freshly-ground beans. To get the best out of coffee you should aim to grind the beans just before brewing. Roasted beans gradually lose flavor over time but grinding accelerates this process. Ground coffee has a larger surface area and oxidises quicker thus losing a lot of flavor. For this reason, it’s best to purchase whole bean coffee and grind it as needed.

Types of coffee..

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A beginners guide to coffee: Ethiopia Sidamo

March 29, 2019

Well-balanced, complex, and smooth, Ethiopian Sidamo represents some of the best characteristics of African coffee. Often regarded as one of the finest coffees in the world, Sidamo can be enjoyed both hot and iced and is well worth seeking out.

History, growing, and processing

These beans are grown on the Southern border in what used to be called the Sidamo province. This region is often regarded as the birthplace of coffee production...

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How to get your friends into coffee.

December 11, 2017

Coffee is best when shared. While a good cup of coffee is a great thing in its own right, nothing beats catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee. But what if your bestie, or your significant other, simply doesn’t like the taste of coffee? Well, you could just accept that we’re all wonderfully unique, or you could try and convince them that coffee is the greatest and that they are fools for not drinking it. If you choose the second option,..

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A beginners guide to coffee: Processing

December 1, 2017

There are many factors that contribute to the overall flavor of your favorite cup of joe. Factors such as the brewing method, the roast, and even the growing region can exert a profound effect on the taste of the resulting cup of coffee. Equally important to the overall flavor is the processing method. Processing is the action or sequence of actions that converts the fruit of a coffee plant into green coffee beans.


When it comes to coffee..

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A beginners guide to coffee: Panama Geisha

December 1, 2017

If you pay close attention to the latest coffee trends, it’s entirely likely that you’ve already heard of Panama Geisha. This coffee has only been on the radar since 2004 but already it’s become one of the most sought-after beans in the world. This surge in popularity is easy to understand as the coffee combines a intense fruity flavor profile with a wonderfully bright mouthfeel.

History and geography


While it’s now only associated with..

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A beginners guide to coffee: Kenya AA

November 12, 2017

After spending some time exploring Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Harrar, it’s time to head south and consider the contribution Kenya has made to the world of high-end coffees. Kenya AA often regarded as one of the best coffee beans in the world. Several factors such as growing conditions, processing, and grading all contribute to the inherent quality of these sought-after beans.

History and geography


Despite the fact that coffee beans were first..

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A beginners guide to coffee: Ethiopian Harrar

November 5, 2017

Along with Yirgacheffe, Ethiopian Harrar is considered to be one of the best coffees in the world. This reputation is well deserved: Harrar is spicy and full-bodied with an almost wine-like texture and taste.

Region and growing conditions


Harrar coffee beans are one of the oldest still in production. The beans are harvested and processed by hand. Not only is the bean used for coffee, but the shells are also used to make hasher-qahwa, a..

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A beginners guide to coffee: Arabica and Robusta

October 28, 2017

Even if you’ve only had a passing interest in coffee, chances are you’ve heard the terms “Arabica” and “Robusta” mentioned in relation to coffee. Far from being a single crop, there are in fact two distinct species of coffee beans each with their own unique characteristics.




There’s a reason coffee companies will proudly declare that their beans are 100% Arabica, this is due to the fact that Arabica beans are considered to be the..

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How to make sense of coffee shop menus

October 12, 2017

Regardless of whether you’re new to the world of espresso drinks or a seasoned caffeine head, deciphering the menu at a coffee shop can be pretty overwhelming. I worked as a barista for three years and even I find myself a little befuddled when gazing at all the various combinations at my local espresso bar.

Well, if you find yourself struggling to figure out the difference between a latte and an au lait, this guide is for you! Here’s a simple..

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The correct way to store coffee

September 30, 2017

Within the large segment of the population who enjoy coffee it seems there are two distinct factions constantly at odds with one another: those who store their coffee beans in the freezer and those who do not. The argument in favor states that freezing beans helps to preserve the flavor and prevents the coffee from going stale. The argument against, on the other hand, states that freezing coffee exposes it to excessive moisture, which negatively..

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