A Guide to Food and Wine Pairings: Acid

Continuing our guides on wine pairings this article will discuss the best way to pick wines to pair with dishes that have lots of bright acidity.

Acid in food brings out the body and fruitiness of a high acid wine and mellows out the sharp pucker that such a wine (think Pinot Grigio) can leave in the mouth. In contrast to this, wines that are low in acid will taste flat and “flabby” when served with a highly acidic dish. Therefore, when pairing with meals that have a lot of acidity (lemon, lime, vinegar, fresh tomato) pick a wine that can match the acidity so that it’s not overpowered.

Seared Scallops with Lemon Butter Sauce

With this recipe you want to balance the acid from the lovely lemon butter sauce, while complementing the delicate flavor of the scallops and the zip of garlic. Choose an Albarino, a white wine from northern Spain, with its high acidity, flavors of lemon peel, stone fruit, and light body. It will marry with and enhance the wonderful flavors in this dish. Albarino may also be referred to as Alvarinho or Cainho Branco. You may also be able to find wines made with these grapes from Portugal.

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