All About Malted Milk Powder

Nutty and sweet, malted milk powder is perhaps most famous for its use in malt shops during the early 20th century. Today, malted milk powder is used by savvy bakers to add flavor and texture to breads, blondies, and cookies, as well as for classic malted milk drinks. Read on to learn why we always have a container of malted milk powder on hand. 

What is Malted Milk Powder

As the name suggests, malted milk powder is a fine, granular mixture of malted barley, flour, and evaporated milk powder. 

History of Malted Milk Powder 

Malted milk was originally invented as a nutritious supplement for infants and children by London pharmacist James Horlick who was living in the United States in the 19th century. Horlick and his brother William developed and began manufacturing malted milk powder in 1887 in Chicago, Illinois. 

While originally developed for growing bodies, malted milk powder found popularity among explorers seeking out the far reaches of the globe. Malted milk powder was light in weight and high in nutrients and calories, making it the perfect accompaniment for voyages to inhospital regions such as Antarctica. Eventually, malted milk powder began to be enjoyed not only for its utilitarian elements, but also for its gustatory qualities; soon malt shops began popping up across the country featuring this unique and delicious ingredient. 

How to Cook with Malted Milk Powder

When used in baking, the lactose in malted milk powder helps to provide additional browning, while also imparting its unique nutty flavors to the finished dish. A little malted milk powder goes a long way to adding an extra layer of roasty, toasty flavor and additional creaminess to foods. Try adding a tablespoon of malted milk powder to our classic Blondies to pump up the butterscotch tones in these ooey-gooey bars. Or do the same with our Cocoa Nib and Coconut Cookie Bars to add an additional layer of flavor to these multifaceted morsels. 

Shopping for Malted Milk Powder

Look for malted milk powder at your local grocery store either in the baking aisle or alongside hot cocoa mixes. Ovaltine and Carnation are the most famous brands, but there are other delicious options on the market as well. Each is unique, so try them out for yourself to find the one that you like best.   

Feature Image: zwei chen from Pixabay 

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