Walnuts are an edible nut that can be consumed raw as a snack, cooked into a variety of dishes, or used for garnishing. There are two main types of walnuts that are available on the market: the Black walnut and the Persian or English walnut. Walnuts are nutrient dense ingredients that can be used for savory or sweet dishes. Because this nut can do so much, we consider it a jack of all trades and a must-have ingredient in any pantry. 

History Of Walnut

Walnuts have been consumed by humans since at least 7000 B.C. They were called Juglans regia by the Romans and having originated in Persia, walnuts came to be known as Persian or English walnuts. Walnuts were a delicacy often only enjoyed by royal families, which is why it was given the nickname, “Royal Nut”. 

By the 1700s, walnuts were cultivated in California. The walnuts that came from there became popular as the California walnut. Today, walnuts have become a popular nut that is consumed worldwide.

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Appearance Of Walnut

Walnuts are brain-shaped nuts contained within a round shell that are obtained from the walnut tree. They are generally brown in color, but the color can also range from light brown to amber. 

Flavor Of Walnuts

The flavor of walnuts depends on their type. While light-colored walnuts have a mild taste, amber walnuts have a robust flavor with a little bit of sweetness. Apart from that sometimes they are a little tangy and can have a peppery aroma. 

Culinary Benefits

Walnuts with or without shells are used in multiple recipes. They are a rich source of antioxidants and they taste better when mixed with other flavorsome ingredients. We love walnuts in autumnal dishes, where their unique flavor plays well with a variety of spices. Try our recipe for Pumpkin Bread, which includes walnuts, ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric, giving it the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

Blondies are a dessert we love because they are richly decadent, but don’t take very long to make. These bars have the essence of vanilla and white chocolate with the crunchiness of walnuts, making it the ultimate evening snack.

Looking for a savory recipe? Your love for salmon will definitely increase when you try our recipe for Walnut Crusted Salmon Filets. It has a sweet and spicy taste with the crunch of chopped walnuts. The added honey and breadcrumbs make this dish even more delicious.


As walnuts come in various sizes like halves, small, medium, and large pieces, storing them properly is necessary. They must be stored in air-tight packaging. They should be kept away from food items with a strong odor. We recommend storing your walnuts in the freezer. Their high fat content means they thaw easily and they will keep fresh for longer. 

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