How to fry bacon without making a mess

Like pretty much every self-aware millennial, I’m a big fan of bacon. Salty, crisp, and meaty it’s pretty much everything I want in a protein. And, while I draw the line at things like bacon-infused bourbon, there are very few savoury dishes that don’t benefit from the inclusion of a little — or a lot — of cured pork.


My love for bacon is, however, tempered somewhat by the absolute hatred I have for having to wipe up all the grease and grime that results from frying up a few rashers. Of course, cooking bacon in the oven is an easy way to mitigate the mess factor. However, while this method is a great way to cook large amounts of bacon, when you want to quickly cook up a couple of slices it can be a bit of overkill. Fortunately, there is a way to quickly and easily fry up some bacon without needing to wipe down every surface afterwards.  All it requires is a little bit of water.

How it works



Covering the bacon with a tiny amount of water prevents any oil and fat from splashing up onto the cooktop or counter. It also does little to affect the taste or texture of the bacon. This results in crispy, tasty bacon with less of the usual mess.

You’ll need

  • Some bacon
  • a cast iron or stainless steel skillet
  • Paper towels
  • a plate
  • a small amount of water
  • a spatula



Layer the bottom of the pan with bacon and place the pan on a medium high heat. Pour a small amount of water into the pan, just enough to cover the surface of the pan.



Cook the bacon in the water, turning once. Eventually the water will boil away completely. Once the water has boiled away, turn the stove down to medium and continue to cook the bacon as normal.

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1 year ago

I was pleasantly surprised it was great.