Our 9 Favorite Vegan Suvie Recipes

Whether you’re looking to eat less dairy or eggs, or are a lifelong vegan, this list features delicious offerings for everyone. From crisp and crunchy collard wraps to aromatic plantain curry to smoky corn chowder, there is a wide variety to choose from. 

1) Smoky Corn Chowder 

Peak season summer corn is perfectly sweet and starchy, and the ideal base for a summer chowder. Tender red potatoes and smoky paprika complement the sweet corn. To achieve a thicker texture we blend a portion of the chowder and then reincorporate it with the remaining ingredients. This step gives the chowder creaminess without having to rely on dairy. 

2) Red Lentil Daal

Daal is a warm and comforting Indian stew made with lentils, aromatics, and spices.  Red lentils make delicious stews because they cook fairly quickly and begin to break down and create a naturally creamy stew without the addition of dairy or other thickeners. This lentil daal is garnished with a splash of coconut milk to add a little fat and richness to the dish, as well as to help temper the heat from the serrano pepper.

3) Caribbean Plantain Curry

With hints of sweetness from the potatoes to the savory aromatic notes from the onion and garlic, this curry delivers the flavors of the Caribbean right into your kitchen. We’ve used traditional ingredients such as coconut milk, plantains, and green pigeon peas. 

4) French Lentils 

The simplicity of this dish allows the lentils, which are known for their peppery flavor, to really shine. A dash of red wine vinegar and some Dijon mustard bring a pop of bright acidity to the earthy lentils. Pair the lentils with some crusty bread and a fresh, green salad, and you have an ideal French meal. Bon appetit!

5) Vegan Mapo Tofu 

Mapo Tofu is soft tofu cooked in a spicy red chili sauce that originates from Sichuan province. The dish uses fermented, spicy broad bean paste to give it much of its spice. This dish also calls for Sichuan peppercorns which provides a numbing, tingling sensation. The bean paste and peppercorns together form a sensation known as málà, meaning numbing-spiciness which is a unique and tantalizing combination.

6) Kitsune Udon

Kitsune udon is a warm and comforting dish consisting of tender udon noodles, flavorful broth, and sweet and savory fried tofu. There are many theories surrounding the name of this dish, as kitsune means fox in Japanese. Some Japanese folktales describe fried tofu as the fox’s favorite dish. Other theories posit that the term fox refers to the color the tofu should be fried to. 

7) Creamy Peanut Stew

This delicious stew is creamy, flavorful, and filling, packed with leafy greens and beans in a rich peanut and tomato based broth. Served over fluffy white rice and topped with crunchy peanuts, this dish is as textural as it is flavorful. Amplify the flavors in the broth by seasoning with fresh lime juice and hot sauce to your liking. 

8) Spice Roasted Cauliflower 

Brimming with spicy red pepper flakes, sweet fennel seeds, and flavorful curry powder, this dish takes cauliflower to center stage. A homemade tahini dressing is served underneath the spiced cauliflower to add richness and a welcome bitterness. We love this dish on its own, but it would also be equally as delicious served with roast chicken or warm pita bread. 

9) Tofu Collard Wraps

These fresh and flavorful tofu collard wraps are endlessly customizable based on the vegetables you have on hand. A simple peanut-based sauce is used as a marinade and filling for the wraps. We liked the flavor and texture of bell peppers and carrots to fill our wraps, but thin planks of cucumber or sautéed shiitake mushrooms would also taste great.

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