Three surprising uses for chocolate in the kitchen

The problem with chocolate is that one cannot eat it all the time. Or can you? Sure, chocolate is a great ingredient in deserts, and brunches but it’s not really a great addition to savory food, or so I thought. Yes, it seems that chocolate is a amazing versatile ingredient that can be added to any number of sweet and salty dishes. Here are three unusual ways to incorporate chocolate in your meal plan.

Don’t expect to find ideas for deserts and cakes, instead, here are three savoury dishes that seriously benefit from the addition of everyones favourite candy.

Chill and stews

Anyone who has tried hot chocolate with chili already knows how well chocolate and spicy heat go together. This principle also extends to foods. A small amount of dark chocolate can really help to bring out the flavors in a wholesome chili. Its adds a subtle sweetness that pairs well with the hearty, spicy flavors of this Mexican favourite.

Chill isn’t the only hearty meal that benefits from a hint of chocolate. Rich beef stews become even richer when you add in a little bit of dark chocolate. The chocolate will also soften any bitter flavors found in the stew.

BBQ rub


Considering the paucity of honeys, syrups, and other sweet ingredients in barbecued foods it’s hardly surprising that chocolate would work well when paired with delicious grilled meats. Adding some cocoa powder to dry rubs adds a complex earthy taste. Similarly, incorporating some chocolate in BBQ sauce can seriously deepen its flavor.



Far from being a Valentines day novelty, chocolate pasta is a valid option in its own right. Made by simple adding some cocoa to pasta dough, this bittersweet staple is surprisingly versatile. Chocolate pasta can be used as a dessert food when prepared with hazelnut cream sauce or caramel and pecans. However, for the more adventurous there are a number of savoury combinations that work well with chocolate pasta.

Chocolate pasta can really bring out the flavours of lamb and pork when combined in a simple ragu. Try using spicy sausage, bacon, or wild boar and add some spice to the meal to really bring out the chocolaty goodness!

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