8 Great Greek Dishes to Try

Want to enjoy a vacation filled with turquoise waters, white stone cliffs, and endless glasses of assyrtiko, but without the price tag? Let Suvie transport you to Greece with these 8 incredible dishes that will have you feeling like you’re island hopping. From tender white fish in tangy tomato sauce to crowd pleasing souvlaki to honey soaked baklava, this list will let you enjoy all that Greece has to offer, no matter where you are. 

1) Chicken Souvlaki

​​Souvlaki is a popular street food in Greece where marinated meat is grilled on a skewer. We’ve opted to forgo the grill and use Suvie to cook chicken in this recipe. The chicken is marinated in olive oil and spices, and then sous vide to perfection. We’ve added a homemade tzatziki sauce to go with the chicken but you can buy any brand premade at the grocery store as well. The chicken, served with warm pita and tzatziki, makes for a devilishly comforting weeknight dinner and leftovers can be saved for lunch the next day. 

2) Greek Orzo Salad with Halloumi

This recipe has a wide variety of flavors, textures, and temperatures to keep you coming back for more. The chickpeas are simmered with oregano and garlic and then stirred into perfectly cooked orzo. The chickpeas and orzo are then topped with crisp cucumber and sweet cherry tomatoes for some crunchy fresh contrast. The real star, however, is the halloumi, a firm and salty cheese from Cyprus that gets broiled until golden brown and then showered with fresh mint. 

3) Greek Beef Stifado

Stifado is a Greek beefy stew characterized by large hunks of onion or shallots. A classic comfort dish, this recipe calls upon traditional Grecian stew ingredients such as olive oil, red wine, oregano, cinnamon, and allspice, making this dish uniquely savory with fragrant pops of baking spice. The beef is first seared before being slow cooked until fork-tender and simply served with some al dente orzo.

4) Thessaloniki Style Shrimp

The cuisine of Thessaloniki is rich in seafood thanks to the city’s proximity to the ocean. This dish, often called Saloniki shrimp, is unique because of the long cooking time. Usually, shrimp is cooked for only a short period of time because prolonged exposure to heat can make the shrimp tough. In this dish, the high acid content from the tomatoes and feta cheese maintains the delicate taste and texture of the shrimp while cooking. 

5) Revithia


Traditionally made in a clay pot known as a skepastaria, Revithia is a Sunday staple on the Greek island of Sifnos. For our take on this bright and comforting vegetarian soup, we’ve called for canned chickpeas to cut prep time and added feta cheese at the end for a salty and rich finish. For an extra delicious experience, we recommend pairing your warm bowl of soup with crusty bread and a glass of red wine.

6) Pastitsio


Pastitsio is a popular Greek baked pasta dish consisting of three main layers. The first layer is made up of par-cooked noodles, either ziti or traditional pastitsio noodles. The second consists of ground beef, red wine, and diced tomatoes. The third, is a creamy, cheesy béchamel sauce flavored with just a hint of nutmeg and plenty of grated pecorino.  

7) Psari Plaki (Baked Greek Fish)

This slow-cooked dish brings together buttery fish and tangy tomato sauce for a delicious stew that’s perfect for scooping up with pieces of soft pita bread. Cod is the perfect canvas for the pungent rich flavors of tomato, garlic, oregano, and olive. While we recommend dipping pita bread into the stew you can also serve this fish over rice or small pasta such as orzo. 

8) Baklava


This traditional baklava is easier to assemble than it looks. A food processor speeds up the laborious process of finely chopping the nuts, and store bought phyllo saves plenty of time from having to make your own. The only step that requires a bit of patience and a steady hand is the brushing and layering. All your hard work will be rewarded when you taste these sweet and flaky morsels.

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