Suvie can cook steak in a variety of ways with delicious results. Whether you want the hands-off accuracy of sous vide cooking, the high heat method of roasting, or the speed of superfast broiling.

How to Sous Vide Steak in Suvie 

Steak is one of the very best ingredients to cook sous vide. Not only does it accurately cook the meat to your desired temperature without any risk of overcooking, it also takes the stress out of preparing what is often an expensive cut of meat. For a complete guide on sous viding steak, click here. Follow the steps below for any type of steak. Note: you can sous vide steaks from frozen, simply add 1 hour to the cooking time. 

1)  Vacuum seal your steak, place in a Suvie pan, and cover completely with water. 

2) Select “Sous Vide” on the display screen. 

3) The best temperature to sous vide steak is between 125°F and 135°F for 1 to 3 hours. Select the time and temperature.

4) Input settings, and cook now or schedule. If cooking from frozen, be sure to select “Yes” when asked if cooking from frozen.

125°F 1-3 hours Rare
130°F 1-3 hours Medium Rare
135°F 1-3 hours Medium
145°F 1-3 hours Medium Well
150°F1-3 hours Well Done

5) After cooking, pour off water from pans, and remove steaks from vacuum packaging.  

6) Pat steak dry and sear in a smoking hot cast iron skillet until browned, about 1 minute per side. 

How to Roast Steak in Suvie 

If you prefer the dry heat of roasted steak or are short on time, you can roast your steaks in Suvie. We recommend roasting for a short period of time to avoid overcooking. We also recommend roasting fattier steaks to better insulate the meat while cooking. Try our recipe for Beef Spiedies to try it for yourself. In this recipe, cubed steak is roasted at 400°F for 12 minutes. 

How to Broil Steak in Suvie 

Thin steaks are ideal candidates for broiling, especially those with a fair amount of fat. Skirt steaks or flank steak are perfect for broiling in Suvie. Be sure to elevate your steaks in a greased Suvie roasting rack for the best results. Follow this recipe to get started. Season steaks with kosher salt, black pepper, and oil and input the following settings:

Broil for 10 minutes

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