Liquid Aminos: The Sweeter Soy Sauce

Liquid aminos first gained popularity in the 1970s and have since been around as a health food staple.  Aminos refers to the amino acids in the liquid which are known as the building blocks of protein and are considered to be vital when it comes to building muscle and immunity within the body. Simply put, it’s a seasoning sauce made with soybeans and purified water, and many see it as an acceptable gluten-free alternative to soy sauce. When picking up a bottle for enjoying at home, try shopping at specialty stores or boutique grocers specializing in health food. 

Flavor and Texture

Whereas soy sauce has a primarily salty flavor, liquid aminos is more mild and also has a slightly sweet flavor; it is often compared to tamari. With a watery consistency and brown color, this ingredient can be directly substituted for soy sauce without altering the amount of liquid in a recipe or the overall texture of the dish. It has nearly an equivalent amount of sodium per teaspoon and can be used in cooking to add extra umami or savoriness.

Storage and Usage

When stored properly, liquid aminos can last up to three years. Just be sure to keep the lid on tight and store in a cool dry place, such as the kitchen pantry. Try using liquid aminos in place of soy sauce for a Beef Bulgogi marinade or add it to a cooking sauce like our Tofu Satay for a salty and slightly sweet flavor. Drizzle some over your next stir fry or add it to a dipping sauce for that extra kick of umami.

Feature Image: Andreas Theis from Pixabay

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