Turbot: A Delicious Flatfish


Turbot is a type of flatfish that is found in the Mediterranean, Baltic Sea, North Atlantic, and Black Sea. This fish is highly valued due to its flavor and is cooked in many different ways. 

History Of Turbot

Turbot, also known as Psetta maxima, is found in shallow waters. This fish has been primarily available in countries like Denmark, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Turbot culture was seen to have begun in the year 1970s in Scotland and then spread to countries like France and Spain.

From there it slowly began to be farmed in Germany, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, and now recently even China. 

Appearance Of Turbot

Turbot is circular and flat in shape. The outer part can be light or dark brown in color. The whole body is also spotted with green or black. The flesh of this fish is white in color. Turbot can weigh up to 10 lbs. 

Image Credit: Flickr user by Linda DV ( CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 )

Flavor Of Turbot

Turbot tastes a little like codfish and halibut. It has a sweet, yet mild flavor to it but tastes a little fishier than halibut. 

Health Benefits 

Turbot is very high in Vitamin B3 and B12. It is also high in magnesium and phosphorus. It boosts the metabolism and builds the immune system. It also promotes heart health as it is high in Omega 3 fatty acids. It reduces high levels of cholesterol by clearing out blood vessels. 

Turbo’s anti-inflammatory properties make it good for rheumatoid arthritis and swelling of joints. It also improves vision and strengthens teeth. 

Culinary Benefits

One of our favorite ways to enjoy turbot is pan fried with mashed potatoes. Add spinach, peas, parsley, cream, and butter to the potatoes to give them a beautiful creamy texture and green hue. Serve this with a glass of crisp white wine and you have a perfect meal!

You can also cook turbot in some brown butter and capers. Add lemon zest, pepper, canola oil, and white wine and garnish it with a sprig of tarragon. The aroma and taste of this dish will definitely make you crave more! Try out this delicious Lime Butter and Fish recipe by using turbot instead of halibut!

If you’re planning a big family dinner, you can prepare a whole roast turbot with clams and potatoes. Spice this dish up with chili flakes, fennel seeds, onions, and pepper. Bake all of it together for the flavor to really sink into the fish! Looking for other recipes like this one? Check out our recipe for delicious baked fish.

You can also bake or fry some turbot fillets in yellow or Dijon mustard sauce with some lemon juice. Another option is to cook it with mushrooms and ginger in a soy- based broth.  

A tasty dish that you can impress your guests with is some Thai curry with turbot, coconut milk, and rice. You can add spices and veggies to enhance the flavor of the curry and the fish. Check out this delicious Thai curry recipe and you can use turbot instead of salmon for this recipe.


If you are storing turbot in the fridge, make sure you cook it within 2 days. For long-term storage, put it in the freezer in an airtight container. This should last you about 2 months or even more. 

Feature Image: Flickr user In Memoriam: me’nthedogs ( CC BY-NC 2.0 )

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