A Guide to Food and Wine Pairings: Salty

Continuing our guides on wine pairings this article will discuss the best way to pick wines to pair with salty dishes.

Salty dishes are very wine-friendly and enable you to pair a dish with big and bold flavored wines. Salt enhances a wine’s body while decreasing any sense of bitterness, astringency, and acidity on the palate. Many cheeses are salty and the enhancement that saltiness brings to wine is one reason many wines pair so well with salty cheeses. 

Adobo Chicken

With this Filipino inspired dish, and its salty, sour, and sweet flavors, you can pair a few different types of wine. The liberal use of soy sauce and brown sugar in this dish means it packs a sweet and savory punch, so you’ll need to pick a robust wine to stand up for itself. If you desire to accompany your meal with a red wine, consider a full body Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa California or a robust spicy Shiraz from Australia will complement the salty and savory flavours of the dish. If a white wine is preferred, then choose a Chardonnay from Santa Barbara California that has been made in an oaked style. Its round, woody notes and tropical fruit will match well with the chicken in this addicting savory sauce.

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