Fancy Fungi: Black Trumpet Mushrooms

Black Trumpet Mushrooms

The elusive black trumpet mushroom is well coveted by the culinary world. A delicate beauty known for being one of the best tasting mushrooms in the world!  

What are Black Trumpet Mushrooms

Black trumpet mushrooms thrive in the rainy, damp forests of Europe and North America. Also known as the horn of plenty or black chantrelle, black trumpets are small, funnel-shaped mushrooms with gray-black coloring. Thanks to its unique shape and coloring, black trumpet mushrooms are a favorite of forest foragers, and easily identifiable for the novice forager. Although, their dark color makes these mushrooms exceptionally difficult to find, blending in well with the leaf litter and forest floor. 

Image Credit: Kirsi Kataniemi from Pixabay 

Cooking with Black Trumpet Mushrooms 

Black trumpet mushrooms have a delicately rich, smoky flavor and a pleasant sweet-earthy aroma, easily making these fungi a fun ingredient to have in the kitchen. Being that black trumpets are so delicate, dedicating a dish exclusively to them is advised, so as not to overpower their flavor. Black trumpets are best suited for sautéing, frying, roasting, and baking, and can be easily adapted into recipes that call for their more common cousins (such as common trumpet mushrooms or oyster mushrooms). Soups, sauces, pasta dishes, and pizzas are some of the more popular dishes that call for black trumpet mushrooms. Check out some of the recipes listed below for inspiration. 

Chanterelle and Black Trumpet Mushroom Carbonara

For showcasing the versatility of this delicious mushroom, substitute these mushroom-themed recipes with black trumpets.

Polenta with Mushrooms

Creamy Mushrooms with Sausage

How to find Black Trumpet Mushrooms 

Most foragers set out looking for black trumpet mushrooms during the late summer and early fall. Although, sourcing in your local forest is not always a guarantee. Specialty produce growers or retailers may have black trumpet mushrooms available, best to call ahead and see. Making friends with the produce farmers, at your local farmers market, is a good way to get ‘in the know’ on where you can source black trumpet mushrooms locally.

Feature Image: Karin Romdahl from Pixabay 

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