Kiwi: The Fuzzy Fruit

Kiwis add a tart and tropical flavor to any dish you prepare, from salads to parfaits to cheesecakes. These fuzzy brown fruits contain a luscious green interior and a sweet and tangy flavor that plays well with other fruits. 

History Of Kiwis

The kiwi fruit, contrary to common perception, did not originate in New Zealand, but rather in China. Mihou Tao and Yang Tao, which both mean “sunny peach,” are the other names for this fuzzy fruit. 

A pastor brought kiwis from China to New Zealand in the 20th century. The fruit’s sweet and sharp flavor and green color became popular in New Zealand where it soon gained the moniker “Chinese Gooseberries”. Because they are both tiny, brown, and fluffy, it was eventually called kiwi, after New Zealand’s national bird!

Image Credit: idaun from Pixabay 

Appearance Of Kiwis

The kiwi’s dark skin is coated with tiny, dry, fuzzy hairs, which can be peeled away or eaten. The interior emerald green fruit, on the other hand, is juicy, delicate, and succulent, with small black seeds spreading outwards. The seeds are edible, mushy and gelatinous.

Flavor Of Kiwis

The kiwi fruit is an exotic and pleasant fruit with a sweet flavor. Kiwi fruit has a bright, tangy flavor with a tropical sensation that is similar to pineapple. 

Kiwi has a tangy taste to it, however, the mild acidity combined with the natural sweetness is an effervescent and revitalizing combination. Kiwis also have a banana flavor to them that is most noticeable in their aftertaste.

Culinary Benefits of Kiwis

Kiwis that are fully ripe have a sweet, refreshing flavor with less acidity. Furthermore, depending on your preferred flavor, you may consume it raw or cooked. It’s utilized in a variety of unique dishes because of its exotic and tropical character.

Try the Breakfast Berry Trifle for your morning meal. These yogurt, fruit, and blueberry muffin trifles are the ideal zesty start to your day. Place your kiwis between layers and on top, alongside the other berries.

Because kiwi is botanically classified as a berry, it is an ideal component for a Summer Berry Crumble. The ultimate crunchy crumble with a tangy yet sweet berry coulis topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream 

Do you want to go entirely off the beaten path and try something English? We’ve got your back. Try our Cardamom Slab Scones, which would taste great with the tropical flavor of kiwis in place of the slightly sweet strawberry topping. Finish it up with whipped cream and dig in!

Or did you bring kiwis home to take them in a savory direction? Say no more! Our Tropical Shrimp Salad will come in handy. With home-pantry ingredients, this salad is light, tropical, and has a variety of textures. The kiwis give it an extra tropical touch. 

Image Credit: Steve Buissinne from Pixabay 


In the fridge, ripened green kiwifruit can last for 5 to 7 days. Refrigeration slows the ripening process, allowing you to keep your kiwifruit for longer. You can extend the life of the fruit by freezing it for later use in rejuvenating dishes like smoothies and sorbets. 

Because kiwis have a fairly high water content, remember to cut your kiwi in half or peel it before freezing it, otherwise it may split open.

Feature Image: Photo Mix from Pixabay 

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