7 Stellar Suvie Salmon Recipes

Rich, flaky salmon filets are healthy, delicious, and quick to prepare, making them an indispensable ingredient; we always have salmon filets on hand in the freezer for nights when we need a flavorful dinner on the table fast. This recipe round-up showcases the versatility of salmon whether you want to enjoy a poké bowl, smoked salmon frittata, or a creamy salmon-studded chowder. 

1) Salmon Burgers

In this recipe, homemade salmon patties are packed with tarragon, lemon, and mayonnaise to ensure they stay moist and flavorful. We dress our salmon burgers with tartar sauce and bibb lettuce and serve them between plush hamburger buns. 

2) Summer Salmon Poke Bowls

A poke bowl is the perfect summer meal when it’s just too hot to eat anything warm. Cooling seaweed salad, crunchy radish, and tender edamame are the supporting cast for perfectly seasoned salmon. Be sure to ask your fishmonger for sushi-grade salmon, and always ensure it is farmed.

3) Masala Salmon with Cucumber Salad

This is a lightning-fast recipe perfect for busy weeknights when you want a delicious dinner on the table in under 30 minutes. Spice blends like garam masala are the ideal seasoning when you’re short on time, but want to maximize flavor. We serve the salmon with a cucumber salad that echoes many of the same flavors found in a traditional raita sauce. 

4) Salmon with Dill Sauce 

This straightforward dish is a nod to the simple yet delicious cuisine of Scandinavia where salmon with dill is a classic pairing. The dill sauce is composed of only four ingredients and comes together in a flash – the majority of the work is only chopping dill. The creamy, herbaceous sauce is perfect over the salmon as well as the baby potatoes and asparagus. 

5) Salmon Chowder

Our clam chowder recipe was such a hit that we decided to transform it into salmon chowder by swapping out clams for salmon. Adding the salmon to the pan at the end of cooking ensures that it turns out flakey and moist, not overcooked. 

6) Salmon Leek Frittata

​​This frittata has brunch written all over it. The leeks are quickly broiled and then combined with eggs and fresh dill for a fresh, herby flavor. Once cooked, the frittata is topped with smoked salmon, fresh chives, and fried shallots giving you a savory crunch with each bite. 

7) Thai Curry with Salmon and Lime Rice

This sweet, sour, and savory Thai coconut curry comes together with only a handful of ingredients, and is the perfect accompaniment to fluffy jasmine rice and rich, salmon filets. Garnish your curry with thinly sliced Thai chiles for heat and fresh cilantro leaves for herbaceousness. Finish it off with a generous squeeze of lime juice to tie it all together.

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