7 Suvie Recipes for Spring

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with these seven delicious recipes. Whether you’re looking for a sweet breakfast, an herbaceous side dish, or a bright and fresh entree, this list features recipes that highlight the bounty of the season. From mint to peas to asparagus and strawberries, these quintessential spring ingredients are sure to pull you from the depths of winter. 

1) Frittedda Siciliana 

Frittedda is a Sicilian dish from the capital city of Palermo and is bursting with fresh flavor. This dish is packed with artichokes, peas, and beans in agrodolce, Italy’s favorite sweet and sour sauce. Fresh peas and fava beans are a treat and if they are in season we urge you to use them, otherwise frozen is a good year round substitute. 

2) Lamb Chops, Asparagus, New Potatoes, and Mint Gremolata

Spring has finally sprung and we’re celebrating with a dish that is all about the best things in spring. Fresh, crisp asparagus is lightly steamed to keep its crunch and sweet delicate flavor. New baby potatoes have a creamy interior that is the ideal contrast to the rich lamb. Lamb loin chops are flavorful and economical. The mint gremolata is a cinch to whip together and it provides a lovely contrast to the fattiness and richness of the lamb. 

3) Spring Risotto

Spring risotto with asparagus and peas is a classic for a reason: slowly simmered arborio rice makes the ideal canvas to highlight all the fresh bounty of the season. In this recipe we cook the asparagus separately from the risotto before combining them just before serving. 

4) Lemon Chicken with Orzo

This healthy, tasty, family-friendly meal packs a huge protein and veggie punch. This dinner comes together at lightning speed. We use one lemon in two ways for this dish: the juice to season the spinach and lemon slices to give the chicken breast an acidic kick.

5) Spring Vegetables Braised in Olive Oil

This melange of vegetables–seasonally named due to their collective springtime appearance–works well thanks to complementary cook times. Leeks and fennel become meltingly soft and sweet during a long cook, while sturdier carrots and new potatoes retain texture. Sliced lemon infuses the olive oil and is edible, peel and all, giving a pleasing puckery contrast.

6) Strawberry Greek Yogurt Loaf

Strawberry Greek Yogurt Loaf

Start the day with this beautifully vibrant and extra fluffy strawberry loaf. We’ve used fresh and freeze dried strawberries for a juicy burst of flavor and bright pop of color. Greek yogurt does double duty in this recipe, keeping the loaf moist from the inside and adding cool creaminess when used as a spread. 

7) Overnight Oats with Strawberry Sauce

This delicious breakfast is filling and flavorful thanks to a decadent strawberry sauce that can be made with fresh or frozen berries. You could also use a mixture of strawberries and blueberries if you would prefer. We love cardamom as the base spice for our oatmeal, as its lemony flavor perfectly complements the fruit. With breakfast already made, picking out your toppings might be the most difficult part of preparing this meal!

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