Grapeseed Oil: The Versatile Oil

Grapeseed oil is a versatile, neutral oil that works well in a variety of applications. From baking to sauteing to frying, grapeseed oil can tackle a wide range of cooking methods. 

How is Grapeseed Oil Made?

Grapeseed oil is produced by pressing out the oil naturally found within grape seeds. A byproduct of the winemaking industry, grapeseed oil is predominantly manufactured in winemaking regions of the world, especially the Mediterranean. Grapeseed oil is often used to add moisture to raisins to keep them from drying out entirely. 

What does Grapeseed Oil Taste Like?

Grapeseed oil is light in color and flavor with a neutral finish. Because grapeseed oil does not impart many of its own flavors into food, it makes a great ingredient in recipes where you want other elements to shine. In bold salads, such as those with blue cheese or smoked meats,  light dressings made with grapeseed oil allow the strong flavors in the dish to stand out. Try substituting grapeseed oil for olive oil in our recipe for Beet and Blue Cheese Salad to try it out for yourself. 

Image Credit: Vural Yavaş from Pixabay 

Cooking with Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil has a high smoke point at 420°F, which means that it works well for high heat applications like frying, roasting, and sauteing. Finishing steaks in a ripping hot pan with grapeseed oil is a great way to impart additional flavor and browning to the meat. Try our Steak Lettuce Wrap recipe with grapeseed oil to try it for yourself. Our Spice Seared Pork Chop would also taste fantastic with the addition of grapeseed oil to finish. 

Want to take grapeseed oil in a sweeter direction? Neutral oils like grapeseed make a great addition to cakes and muffins because they are liquid at room temperature, giving any baked goods a moist, luscious mouthfeel. Try our recipe for Pumpkin Bread by using grapeseed oil instead of vegetable oil, or Banana Bread with grapeseed oil instead of canola oil.

Whichever direction you decide to head towards (savory or sweet), grapeseed oil is an excellent ingredient to have on hand. Its neutral taste and high smoke point make it a versatile ingredient worth having in your pantry. Look for grapeseed oil in your local grocery store or order it online.

Feature Image: Flickr user Carissa GoodNCrazy ( CC BY 2.0 )

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