Slaws are the bright, vibrant dish that everyone needs at their picnic. In a sea of grilled meats, potato salads, and starchy sides, slaws are the tangy counterpoint that rounds out any meal. We love slaws because they can use a variety of vegetables and the dressings are nearly limitless. Dialing up or down the acid, sugar, mustard, or fat all yield different results. Not only can you increase or decrease the amount of each ingredient called for in a slaw recipe, but you can also easily replace one ingredient for another to make it your own. Swap maple syrup for sugar, olive oil for mayonnaise, lemon for vinegar, or Dijon for yellow mustard. If you want a starting point here is a roundup of some of our favorite slaw recipes:

For a sweet and crunchy slaw try out this recipe for celery apple slaw.

For a classic mayonnaise-based coleslaw with a twist try out our broccoli slaw recipe

For a Carolina-style coleslaw with ample amounts of mustard try out this recipe.

For a sweet and tangy coleslaw perfect for sandwiches try out this recipe with brown sugar, mayonnaise, and cabbage.

For a coleslaw that has a little of everything, try this recipe that’s sweet, tangy, creamy, and crisp.

For a colorful, yet simple slaw try our recipe for red cabbage slaw, which only uses three ingredients.

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