Looking to placate a picky palate? This round up of eight delicious, kid friendly recipes is sure to please. From savory chicken noodle casserole with butter cracker crumbs to silky tomato soup with gruyere croutons to roast barbecue chicken with creamy macaroni salad, there’s an array of options for the whole family. 

1) Cheeseburger Rice

This delicious dish is packed with rich beef, melty cheese, and special sauce on a bed of tender, fluffy rice to capture the best parts of everyone’s favorite drive-through treat. We top the cheeseburger rice with shredded iceberg, fresh tomato, sliced onion, and chopped pickles, but feel free to omit or add any toppings you like. As they say, have it your way. 

2) Chicken Noodle Casserole 

This tried-and-true casserole is a classic dish that we can’t resist. Savory chicken, tender egg noodles, and hearty vegetables come together in a rich, creamy sauce topped with crispy, buttery cracker crumbs. 

3) Easy Unstuffed Shells 

We love the flavor of baked, stuffed shells, but sometimes prepping the ricotta-spinach mixture and meticulously filling each pasta shell gets tedious. This recipe is for those nights you want tender pasta, creamy ricotta filling, and tangy marinara without all that effort. 

4) Slow Roasted Green Tortellini

Shelf stable tortellini are the ideal pantry item because they are ready in a snap, taste great, and have a bit more intrigue than standard pasta. We use this pantry powerhouse to our advantage in this verdant meal.

5) Classic American Chop Suey

Classic American Chop Suey

American chop suey is a classic, comforting meal the whole family will adore. Sauteed vegetables are mixed with lean ground beef, tomatoes, and hot sauce to create a simple meat sauce that’s perfectly paired with elbow macaroni. Take a trip down memory lane with this delicious meal.

6) Hearty Chicken Ragout with Buttered Noodles

Hearty Chicken Ragout with Buttered Noodles

This classic recipe is the ideal cold weather meal. Rich chicken thighs are slow cooked with tomatoes, mirepoix, garlic, thyme, and red pepper flakes until tender and shreddable. We serve the hearty chicken ragout over buttered noodles for a delicious dish the whole family will love. 

7) Tomato Soup with Gruyere Croutons

Tomato Soup with Gruyere Croutons

We think tomato soup is best enjoyed during the cold winter months, when tomatoes are most certainly not in season. Luckily, high quality canned tomatoes have the bright acidity of fresh, ripe summertime tomatoes. We top with crunchy, cheesy croutons for textural contrast. 

8) BBQ Chicken with Macaroni Salad

Unlike most barbecue recipes which can use a variety of hot peppers, this family-friendly chicken recipe is sweet and smoky to please all palates. 

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