8 Suvie Recipes for the 4th of July

Bring the barbecue inside this Fourth of July weekend. These meals deliver all the flavor you love about cooking outdoors with the convenience of preparing them inside. From ribs to pulled pork to barbecue tofu to slow cooked chicken, this roundup has something for everyone. 

1) BBQ Chicken with Macaroni Salad

This family-friendly chicken recipe is sweet and smoky to please all palates. A side of cool and creamy macaroni salad balances out the tangy chicken.

2) Memphis Style Wet Ribs 

Memphis Style Wet Ribs

To achieve this classic Memphis style, we coat the ribs in a dry rub and slow cook for seven hours before basting the ribs with barbecue sauce and broiling. The ribs are then coated again with barbecue sauce before serving. Grab an extra roll of paper towels at the grocery store for this recipe. 

3) East Carolina Pulled Pork

Rubbed with salt and brown sugar and slow cooked for 8 hours this pork is good in a pinch when you’re missing some good ol’ fashioned ‘que.

4) Texas Pinto Beans

These beans will have everyone at your next barbeque convinced you just bought a smoker. We start this recipe by broiling aromatics and thick cut bacon to give this dish a well rounded and smoky flavor, then we add canned pinto beans for an easy wrap up. 

5) New England Steak Tips

Sous viding the steak tips and then finishing in a hot skillet or over a hot grill ensures the meat develops a tantalizing char on the outside while guaranteeing a perfectly cooked interior. 

6) BBQ Tofu with Pepper Jack Grits

BBQ Tofu with Cheesy Pepper Jack Grits

Silky smooth grits and spicy pepper jack cheese serve as the base for tender blocks of barbecue tofu. Because tofu is a blank canvas, be sure to pick your favorite BBQ sauce for this recipe. 

7) Texas-Style Potato Salad

Serve this delicious side with all your favorite BBQ dishes for a well rounded cookout that’s got all the fixin’s.

8) Buffalo Mac and Cheese

Buffalo mac and cheese is packed with an array of textures and flavors: creamy melted cheese, crisp panko breadcrumbs, tangy hot sauce, and tender chicken breast. We cook the macaroni, chicken, and cheese sauce separately before stirring together and broiling to a gooey, cheesy finish. 

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