Our 8 Favorite Cake Recipes

Here at Suvie we don’t think you need a celebration in order to eat cake. Sometimes, you just need a sweet treat to cap off a delicious meal or to enjoy with a cup of tea mid afternoon. Here we’re rounding up our eight favorite cake recipes. Whether you love fruit forward hummingbird cake or decadent chocolate cake or light and airy ricotta cake, we’ve got you covered.  

1) Classic Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Stella Parks‘ recipe for Devil’s Food is the platonic ideal of chocolate cake. We adapted this recipe for Suvie because no other chocolate cake compares. Rich, chocolatey, and lush, this cake is a decadent treat worthy of any celebration. This recipe is so simple to prepare, however, you won’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy it.  

2) Ricotta Cake with Raspberry Sauce

This delicious ricotta cake is bright and fruity thanks to a winning combination of lemons and raspberries. This cake is a true chameleon, fitting in at the breakfast table, after a casual dinner, or plated and served for an elegant finish to any meal

3) Chocolate Stout Cake

Food and drink are essential for making holidays and special occasions truly celebratory. Some people celebrate these moments with a sweet treat or a stiff drink. Some of us celebrate with both! If you’re like us, then this recipe is the best of both worlds. This decadent chocolate cake is infused with rich stout and topped with tangy cream cheese frosting. 

4) Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Frosting

Celebrate the flavors of spring with this decadent strawberry cake. A combination of fresh strawberry puree and freeze-dried strawberries, ensures deep strawberry flavor in every bite. A tangy cream cheese frosting is the perfect pairing for this vibrant dessert. 

5) Roasted Pina Colada Cake

Capture all the tropical flavors of your favorite beachside cocktail in this delicious piña colada cake. Chunks of juicy pineapple are layered along the bottom of the pan and the batter, laced with coconut, rum, and nutmeg, is poured on top. We’ve cut the pineapple into rounds, but you can simply cube them or use small cookie cutters for a more ornate look – no matter how you slice it, this cake will taste great. 

6) Hummingbird Cake

Originally known as the Doctor Bird Cake, a variation of this dessert was first created in Jamaica and eventually became popular in the United States thanks to a 1978 edition of Southern Living Magazine. Our take on this fruit filled delight boasts a bright combination of apples, bananas, and pineapple alongside cinnamon and nutmeg. And of course we’ve topped it all off with a cream cheese frosting that’s just the right amount of tangy and not too heavy on the sweet.

7) Confetti Cake

For a celebration, what’s better than a classic confetti cake? Fluffy layers of ethereal white cake are studded with a kaleidoscope of color and topped with swirls of whipped frosting before being showered with rainbow sprinkles. We add a touch of cream cheese to our frosting to add a subtle tang that balances out the sweetness of the cake.

8) Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

You’d be hard pressed to find a more formidable food duo than chocolate and peanut butter. The sweet creaminess of the peanut butter and the subtle bitterness of chocolate pair perfectly with one another. In this recipe we’ve utilized our favorite chocolate cake recipe, which is made with stout beer for a little extra bitterness. Our dead-simple peanut butter frosting comes together in 6 minutes. Finish your cake off with a sprinkling of chopped peanuts for a little extra crunch.

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