Suvie’s Top 9 Savory Breakfast Recipes

We think most folks are divided into two separate breakfast camps: team sweet and team savory. For those of you who fall into the latter category, this list is for you. From bacon and cheese studded egg bites to crisp salmon toasts to classic steak and eggs, this roundup has everything you need to start your day off right. Schedule these recipes in advance and wake up to a fully prepared meal so that all you have to do is pour the coffee.

1) Everything Bagel Breakfast Bake

This delicious breakfast dish is ideal when you have a couple bagels sitting around past their prime. Instead of letting them go to waste, cut the bagels into pieces, slow cook them with eggs, cheese, and tomatoes, and then broil to a golden finish. We use two types of cheese in this recipe: cream cheese for creaminess and fontina for pungency. 

2) Bacon & Cheddar Egg Bites

Crispy bacon is the perfect punctuation mark for creamy rich egg bites. Our all purpose egg bite recipe consists of cottage cheese, eggs, and shredded cheese for a dense, yet pillowy texture. We pair the bacon with cheddar cheese for a classic combination that will start your morning off on the right foot.

3) Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Bake 

This delectable breakfast dish takes only 10 minutes to prepare and less than an hour to cook. Creamy, cheesy, and savory, this dish is perfect with a generous amount of tangy hot sauce. Tuck these tender eggy squares between toasted, buttered english muffins if you’re on the run, or enjoy as is. 

4) Spanakopita Frittata

Spanakopita is a traditional Greek pastry that is made with the notoriously finicky and labor-intensive phyllo dough. We took all of the delicious flavors in spanakopita and piled them into an easy to prepare frittata. Scallions, fresh mint, dill and some spinach make up the majority of the filling, while we add a little feta cheese to the mix for the extra creaminess. Pour a dozen eggs over the filling and you’ve got a delicious dish perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

5) Green Chile Eggs

Green chile eggs are a cheesy, fluffy, and delicious way to start your day. The green chiles offer more tang than heat, making this recipe a hit with all ages and taste buds. Assemble this recipe the night before and wake up to a hot and portable breakfast. We like to top our green chile eggs with salsa and scallions, but sliced avocado and cilantro would also be great additions.

6) Skillet Steak and Eggs

Steaks aren’t just for dinner – they make for great breakfast too! Try our simple recipe for steak and eggs for a protein packed start to your day. Add some toasted sourdough or an english muffin and a side of fruit to round out your meal. We like our steaks medium rare, but if you’d prefer a different finish, check out our Steak Guide to choose a temperature that works for you.

7) Hashbrown Breakfast Patty Casserole

This breakfast casserole packs all your favorite ingredients into one, sliceable, party-sized dish, including melted cheese, tender eggs, rich breakfast sausage, and hearty hash browns. The breakfast sausages are sandwiched between hashbrowns and held together with a creamy blend of eggs and sour cream. Serve this decadent breakfast with plenty of hot sauce.

8) Egg & Salmon Toasts

Whether you like your smoked salmon on toast or on a bagel, we think it’s the perfect breakfast treat. In this delicious and hearty toast recipe we top thick slices of sourdough with spinach, smoked salmon, and eggs for an array of textures and flavors. Adding creme fraiche or sour cream to the eggs makes them rich and custardy, and sous viding ensures they are never tough or overcooked.

9) Cheddar, Bacon, and Chive Scones 

Cheddar Bacon and Chive Scones

These buttery scones are packed with savory flavor to get your day started right. A blend of crisp bacon, creamy cheddar cheese, and fragrant chives deliver tons of flavor in every bite. To save time and effort, these scones are pressed into the pan and cut before baking, saving you the trouble of having to pre portion each scone.

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