Our 10 Favorite Suvie Pork Recipes

From bacon to chops to tenderloin and ribs, this list runs the gamut of all that the mighty pig has to offer. Pork is a versatile meat that can be cooked in a variety of ways with a myriad of results. Choose from rich and tangy bacon jam, juicy spice-rubbed pork chops, or rich carnitas tacos. 

1) Pasta alla Norcina 

The ancient town of Norcia in Umbria, Italy is known for its wild boar, pork, and mushrooms. Pasta alla Norcina is a creamy and comforting dish that highlights the long history of sausage making in the region. In order to mimic Norcian sausages we utilize ground pork mixed with fresh rosemary instead of using generic Italian sausages. 

2) 5 Spice Pork Ribs

We took our ever popular Memphis-Style Wet Rib recipe and gave it a Cantonese twist. We rub the ribs with a mixture of Chinese 5 spice powder, sugar, salt, pepper, and cayenne for a spicy, sweet, and fragrant touch before slow cooking for six hours. Afterwards, the ribs are rubbed with hoisin sauce and broiled to finish. Wash these ribs down with a cold Tsingtao for the perfect summer meal.

3) Spice Seared Pork Chops

These spiced, seared pork chops go well with a variety of side dishes, making them a versatile main course. We first sous vide the pork chops until uniformly cooked on the inside before searing them in a ripping-hot pan to develop a flavorful crust on the outside. A simple rub of cumin and chili powder adds an extra layer of flavor to these savory chops. No matter what you serve these spicy pork chops with, we think they will be a hit.

4) Bacon Jam

Sweet, spicy, rich, and meaty, bacon jam is a versatile condiment for any meal. Spread on toast, mixed into pasta, or thinned and drizzled on rice, bacon jam can add multilayered flavor to a variety of dishes. We start the bacon on the stovetop to render the fat before transferring it to the Suvie with vinegar, sugar, and red pepper flakes. 

5) Asian Ground Pork with Noodle Slaw

In this recipe we took ramen noodle slaw and turned it into a complete meal. Ground pork is heartily seasoned with garlic, shallots, and sambal chili paste. The pork is cooked and crumbled over the slaw, adding meaty depth. The slaw component is a classic combination of pre-made broccoli slaw mix, chopped sugar snap peas, scallions, and sliced almonds tossed with a tangy-sweet sesame dressing. 

6) Pork Pozole

Pozole is dried maize treated with alkali in a process called nixtamalization. This process softens the kernels, prevents them from sprouting, and allows nutrients in the corn, such as niacin, to be more easily digested. Nixtamalization is one of Central America’s oldest culinary traditions; the first evidence of its use dates back to 1200–1500 BCE. In this pozole dish, slow-cooked pork imparts flavor into the hominy creating a delicate and flavorful stew that’s ready for any occasion.

7) Honey & Garlic Glazed Pork Chops

This version of meat and potatoes is for the garlic lovers who also appreciate the fragrant herbaceous aromas of slow cooking with fresh herbs. We’ve also doubled down on the honey glazing step to encourage deep browning during the sear as well as a sweet juicy sauce when it’s all done.

8) Summer Rolls

These vibrant and fresh summer rolls may look complicated to assemble, but with the right plan of action they come together in a snap. We love a mix of different vegetables for flavor, vibrancy, and texture. A simple combination of rich peanut butter and tangy hoisin sauce is the ideal dipping sauce for these flavorful pork rolls.  

9) Pork Belly Buns

These pork belly buns are an essential menu item at Momofuku as the fatty meat, bready buns, sweet hoisin sauce, and crunchy pickled cucumbers make a heavenly combination. Pork belly slow cooks beautifully in Suvie leaving you with tender, succulent pork that’s not completely falling apart. If you can’t find steamed buns you can use any soft roll or bun and these will still be mouth-wateringly delicious.

10) Carnitas Tacos

Pork shoulder and pork butt are tough cuts of meat that benefit from long, slow cooking. In this recipe we cook the pork for 8 hours to break down the muscle fibers, producing tender, juicy meat. We serve our carnitas tacos with raw, white onion, cilantro, queso fresco, and lime, but any number of toppings can be substituted.

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