8 Best Sweet Suvie Breakfast Recipes

Whether you’re planning a brunch for a large group or just looking to treat yourself on a weekday morning, this roundup has a variety of sweet breakfast recipes for everyone. From quick and easy oatmeal to multi-step sticky buns, there are all different types of recipes to choose from depending on your time and interest. 

1) Blueberry Pancakes for a Crowd

Pancakes for a Crowd

Making pancakes for a crowd is great in theory until you’re standing over the stove all morning. This recipe brings you the delicious flavors of homemade blueberry pancakes without all the hands-on work. A touch of cornmeal adds a bit of rustic texture to classic pancake batter, and like traditional pancakes, these aren’t overly sweet, so be sure to pour on the maple syrup.

2) Raspberry Muffin Bread

Raspberry Muffin Breakfast Bread

Juicy raspberries punctuate our delicious muffin breakfast bread for a delicious start to your day. A combination of all purpose and whole wheat flour adds malty, sweet flavor that compliments the raspberries, while providing a light fluffy texture. 

3) Baked Apple Oatmeal

Start your morning off with this baked cinnamon oatmeal served alongside warm and tender spiced apples.  We’ve cut down on the liquid in the oatmeal to create a softer granola type bar while also adding applesauce to increase the fruit flavor overall. When serving, chopped pecans add a welcomed nutty crunch, and a drizzle of warm cream helps all of the flavors melt together beautifully. 

4) French Toast Casserole for a Crowd

French Toast Casserole for a Crowd

Love French toast, but don’t want to cook individual slices over a hot griddle? This recipe brings together everything you love about traditional French toast in one simple to prepare and sliceable dish. There is no pre soaking step, so you can use fresh (untoasted bread) for this recipe.

5) Sticky Buns

For a decadent start to your day, try our sticky bun recipe with a rich caramel topping and crunchy pecan filling. These buns are a labor of love, but we think they are well worth the effort. Sticky buns are best the day they are made, but will reheat well the second day if they last that long! 

6) Ricotta and Honey Oatmeal 

This recipe is a creamy, dreamy oatmeal dish with pops of fresh lemon zest and sweet-tart blackberries. Steel cut oats are slow cooked with whole milk and ricotta for a super smooth and creamy texture. A little honey, cinnamon, and lemon zest round out this recipe adding balance and flavor. 

7) Cranberry Orange Scones

These are not the dry, crumbly scones you’ve seen languishing at your local cafe. These are tender and soft cream scones punctuated with ruby red cranberries and flavored with orange zest, almond extract, and spicy ginger. These taste fantastic whether served English style with tea or American style with coffee. 

8) Gluten Free Banana Bread

Gluten Free Banana Bread

This delicious banana bread comes together thanks to a winning combination of almond flour and gluten free flour. The almond flour adds a nuttiness that perfectly complements the sweet banana, and the gluten free flour gives the bread structural support without the need for gluten. We liked the look of sliced banana on top of our bread, but you can forgo it if you’d like.

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